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We have been working to achieve a work vs. play balance here in the BVIs and I think we’re managing OK. Yesterday was a work day, right?

Exploring the shoreline of Salt Island.

On the play side of the equation, Rebecca recently posted some pics on her blog showing some of the hiking that we’ve been doing. If you don’t regularly check out her posts, why not do so today?

One further bit to share, which could probably fit into either the work or the play category (if you’re the tax man, it was definitely work), is that, along with Wiley and Geoff, we visited perhaps the best restaurant in Tortola last evening, The Dove. The dinner was a treat by our friend for our helping with the boat survey. The restaurant is far more fancy than we would typically visit and as we expected it would be, the food was exceptional. If you’re visiting Tortola and looking for a great dining experience, we would highly recommend the place.


  1. Where did you find a shirt with a collar? 😉

    I think my favorite in Roadtown is C&F up the hill. Awesome food, more laid back atmosphere..

  2. I am amazed at Rebecca going barefoot when ashore.

    There always seemed to be nasty sharp/stinging/ pointed/hard/dangerous/etc things under foot that we always avoided it.


  3. Balance is the key to everything in life and when you find it, life is awesome.

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