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With a front effecting the area, we’ve had nothing but squally weather since we’ve been on Nevis. As I mentioned yesterday, that’s great for keeping the boat clean but not so great for exploring the island. Earlier this week, we made plans with our friend Aeneas from Christophe Harbour for him to come to Nevis to hike the mountain with us. Unfortunately, we awoke this morning to find the mountain covered in clouds and rain drizzling down all around us. We likely would have pulled the plug on today’s excursion, hoping for better weather in a day or so, but because we had made plans with our friend who could only do it today, that wasn’t an option.

We’ve spent the last couple of days trying to run down the details on where the hike begins and thought we had a fair idea. Our bus driver seemed to have info that differed a bit from ours though. When he let us off at Goldenrock Inn, we found the start of a trail and started walking. As it turns out, that particular trail led us not to the top of Nevis Peak but to a place referred to as The Source. Our friend Steve Bennett wrote a nice piece about this hike on his blog, Uncommon Caribbean. To learn more about this special spot, I suggest that you check out his post. In the meantime, here are some pics from today’s adventure. Hopefully, through them, you can enjoy the hike and unlike us, stay dry!

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  1. Looks a little dangerous, especially when wet.

  2. Spectacular scenery. Looks fairly slippery wet or dry.

  3. Glorious pics thanksand so many of them, it must have taken you ages to put them up, double thanks.

    Did you find ‘the source’? If so what was it? Perhaps the water supply for the island!


    • You’re welcome. Yes, editing and uploading that many pics does take time but it was hard to choose amount the 130 that we shot.

      The source is a spring located at the top of the ladder, formerly the source of much of the town’s water.

  4. For a drizzly day, that looks like a beautiful hike. Photos rock…

  5. Just found your blog a couple days ago and love it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is the pipe alongside the trail still functional? With that much verticle rise, the pressure at the bottom must be tremendous.

    • Definitely still functional. We saw several places where the older pipe has been replaced with newer lengths. I also saw one small spot in the pipe where there was a hole with water rushing out of it. Laying that pipeline must have been a HUGE undertaking.

  7. What a beautiful hike! Makes me want to be there right now. We def plan to pick up your Caribbean hiking guide. Thanks for sharing so many of the photos.

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