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When we were in St. Martin two months ago, we had absolutely no intention of heading west to the BVIs this season. Anytime one of cruiser friends asked, we said “No way, we’re not doing it.” In spite of those assertions, we did end up going, and are happy that we did. When we were in the BVIs we, likewise, had no intention of making that short jump over to the USVIs and yet now, after doing so, we’re once again happy that we did.

On our initial trip south we spent hardly any time at all in the USVIs. Now that we’ve returned here, it’s been a bit like a big reunion for us as we’ve found a dozen or so friends that we know either from our time down island, or from our first trip south.

Clearing in to the USVIs was, for us Canadians, painless and with no cruising permit issued, it seems as if we can stay as long as we like. That may not be all that long though as we are very much aware that we still have quite a distance to travel to return to Grenada before the windy season commences. We have even been monitoring the weather to pick out days which might be good for the trip back east. We do plan to do some hiking before moving on though and if the rain stops, we may even get out to do some today. So much to see and so little time to do it.

Wayne and Dana on s/v Journey. They are sailing west and invited us over for breakfast on their boat before they raised anchor. Fair winds, guys, and thanks for the great meal!


  1. I just want to say how much I am enjoying your work… You are about 2 years ahead of us. We are just at the tail end of a major re-fit to our dream boat that we sailed to Lake Ontario from South Carolina. If you are having trouble sleeping one night, check out our blog. We hoe to run into you along the way… fair winds, Kyle and Shelley s/v Blowin’ Bubbles

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