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just for fun

I remember reading, back when we were still in the planning stages for our cycling tour, about how certain cyclists, upon reaching a destination where they planned to stay for a few days, would unload their bikes to go for trail rides in the area. I recall thinking that it was a strange idea, to go riding for fun after having just spent entire days, if not weeks in the saddle. Interestingly though, we now find ourselves doing exactly the same thing, riding our bikes just for fun.

Just for fun!

Yesterday morning, Rebecca and I set off with our host, Alex and his friend, Kirsty to explore some of the mountain bike trails around Oaxaca. We had been prepped that there were three real hills to climb on the route and sure enough, they were significant. The reward for riding, and at times pushing our bikes up to elevation was a super-fun ride down through some twisty single-track trails. It was great fun and smiles were abundant.

just for fun

Staying put in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a city rich in culture and history and in addition to that, we are approaching the Day of the Dead celebration, known here as Dia de Muertos, or simply Muertos. The actual holiday takes place from October 31st to November 2nd but we have been told that festivities begin some days prior to that. The celebrations in Oaxaca are known to be particularly special so for that reason, we’re going to risk overstaying our welcome and hang around to take part. Fortunately for us, our host Alex is super cool and has already made plans to include us in events with himself and his friends.

Today, we’re hoping to ride to Monte Albán, a nearby archeological site. Given all that there is to explore here, I’m confident that we’ll have no trouble filling our days with both enjoyable and educational activities. And who knows, we may just hop on our bikes to do some more trail riding, just for fun!


  1. Think how few cruisers go “sailing for fun?” They get where they are going, and then just anchor. One reason is that many cruising boats arn’t that “fun” to sail. I think the other is habit.

    It makes a lot of sense on bikes. Back in my college days when I bike toured a little, I would commonly unload everything and then explore a little. The bike feels so much more alive, relieved of its unnatural burden, it’s fun.

  2. This is what I do too. Just biking for fun. Thanks for sharing what you do!

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