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Oaxaca City now holds the record for being the place that we have remained stationary for the longest time on our cycle tour, a bit more than a week. While the city itself is awesome, our extended stay is the result of having an exceptionally forgiving host, and the fact that the Dia de los Muertos — the Day of the Dead — celebration was on the horizon. We have more amazing memories from Oaxaca than we can count and were fortunate enough to make some incredible friends while visiting. The following images represent just a tiny sampling of what we were up to in Oaxaca, but as we’re already two days out of the city, on the next leg of our journey, it’ll have to do for now.

Special thanks to Alex, our incredible host. We wouldn’t have experienced a fraction of this without you there to guide us!

We had no idea what this presentation was all about as it was entirely in Spanish, but it was very cool!

Our bikes got a lot of riding in the city.

Alex volunteers at a youth center and we tagged along with him one day, only to find out that a parade and a fiesta was planned. Super fun seeing all of the smiling kids.


Our costumes for a Halloween party. Duct tape, long underwear, and face paint.

We all had our faces painted for the Muertos. We traveled in a bus to two of the nearby pueblas (villages) to see their traditional celebrations. I wish I could describe it but it defies words.

On our last day in Oaxaca, Alex, Rebecca and I tagged along with a few local mountain bike riders to watch a portion of the Trans Sierra Norte enduro race that was taking place there. Some of those riders are crazy!


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  1. it looks like it must have been an amazing time. Your staying with people that live there must add an amazing dimension to your travels – having a local to answer questions, take you to places that you wouldn’t know about and just know the local customs and culture is a wonderful way to see a country as you well know – what an experience indeed! Looks like you definitely didn’t miss Halloween and you both fit in very well with those great costumes – it definitely was a great place to be for that holiday! Thanks as always for sharing your experiences with us

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