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So long ago that I forget just about everything, I went to college to study electronics. After graduating I obtained one real job in a quasi-electrical business, installing security systems. Although that may sound like I was putting my education to use, what I really spent my time doing was running wires for the other technician that I worked with to connect. As running wires was how Rebecca and I spent most of our day yesterday, I’m glad my education is, in some roundabout way, paying off.

The specific wires we ran yesterday, and the holes we drilled, were to install Blue Sea Dual USB Charger Sockets in each cabin. We installed one on ZTC and thought that it worked great. Knowing that, even when on vacation, people are unlikely to leave their personal electronics behind, giving them a way to charge their devices without running the ship’s inverter* seemed like a good idea to us.

Knowing that we’d have wires to run on the new boat, we purchased a Klein Nylon Fish Tape to help with the task. I opted for the nylon version instead of the more traditional metal one because of the obvious corrosion issues on a boat. So far I’m quite happy with it. It worked perfectly yesterday and we could not have done the job without it.

Tomorrow we have a Raymarine technician scheduled to install all of our new navigation electronics. While perhaps a job I could complete myself, having a Raymarine tech do the job means that if we ever have issues with it in the future the warrantee will cover one of their reps coming to our boat to look after it.

*We do not yet have our inverter installed. Although we purchased a Freedom 2000 inverter and have it with us here on board, we have contracted a fellow hasher here, Simon Clay, to do that particular job for us.


  1. I love reading about and looking at new marine electronics even though I don’t own a boat. I know, pretty lame. But I’d LOVE to live on a boat and travel the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Now to get my wife on board. So what are you guys getting from Raymarine? I’m excited to find out.

    • I’ll no doubt detail this in a post but we purchased a C95 chartplotter, a i60 Wind Instrument and an i50 Depth Gauge (I am typing this from memory but I think those are correct).

  2. With the number of favours you are calling in from friends during this re-fit, you are going to spend the next 3 years repaying them again I should think 🙂


  3. What with duck tape and gorilla tape and fish tape, it’s a zoo out there. Have to say, though, that duck tape doesn’t stick to ducks for very long, and fish tape just slides right off.

    Not looking forward to the gorilla test.

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