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Many people have heard the story of how Rebecca and I, over a bottle or two of wine, first concocted the plan to sell everything and head out cruising. While visiting ZTC the other day, Rebecca and I came across a bit of a treasure: the “diary” that we started the day after that first alcohol-inspired planning session.

The first entry was October 3, 2008…

“How can we sail away forever by July 2011?”

I also read that we registered the domain on October 10th. That makes sense as the first post on this blog is dated October 13th. It was fun reading through the first few entries in the book.

Note: We actually left July 2010, an entire year earlier than 2011 as we had initially had hoped!


  1. Aw, that is golden! I have a similar hand written journal promise to myself from wayyy back when like in college or closely after. I found it not long ago and was amazed at where I was and where I had come. It’s a powerful lesson in self determination, isn’t it?

  2. If you run out of “current” blog material, I’m sure most of us would love to read the “diary”.

  3. How many Bottles of Wine and What Kind? I want to Go with Something That Works!….Smile…. Good One On Ya!….. Enjoying Your Blog

  4. I have a very similar plan…Still stuck on the money part:

    Jackie and I will be in BVI November…Maybe we’ll run into you!


  5. As most people are a few years behind their goals if they ever happen, you were ahead of them. I hope I can learn from that!

  6. Setting a goal, making a plan, putting plan into action and living the dream, Truly inspirational! Congrats guys.

  7. Achieving your goal ahead of schedule….that speaks volumes for doing your planing with the assistance of alcohol…. I now understand my problem… Need more wine when working in the plan (I am nearly 2 years behind plan).
    Really enjoy ready about your adventures aboard ZTC as well as the preparation work on One Love.

  8. 4 me blogging its better than writing on paper… at least my sober writing its worst than my drunk writing

    and the typos fly every where! 😉

    BTW thnkx for your blog!!!

  9. I just ran across a goal list we wrote 7 years back and was amazed what had been completed even though we had not read list in years. We look forward to writing our boat goal and time line. Now the first thing on out list, #1 step on to a cat or sailboat, we plan on taking a day charter this month. Great Blog.

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