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Our guests arrived on time yesterday (early in fact) and as planned, we had them snorkeling at Turtle Bay within the hour. We even had a nice 35 knot rain squall while en-route to make the trip more story-inducing!

As we knew they would be, our four guests are very cool and appear to be enjoying their time on board One Love. Last night was spent in St. John and today, after breakfast and a bit of a hike, we plan to set sail for Jost Van Dyke in the BVI. Fun times await.


  1. Lucy, our duck, would like to meet, greet and eat your apple duck. I am so glad the season is off to a good start. Best of luck in your new adventure. The terns

  2. Wow, this must be so exciting for you guys. I’m sure you want will to see how you will measure up. I know that opening a new business can sometimes be a guessing game until you get some time under your belt. Just do what comes naturally and I know you will be successful with your new endeavor. Keep the faith!

  3. Great, well done! All the best to your guests – and their crew!

    But Rebecca , , , , , that duckling (the GREEN one of course) is BRILLIANT.


  4. Will be looking for you on Soggy Dollars webcam.

  5. Sounds amazing and tempting! Have a great time with these special folks!

  6. That swan is the cutest thing! What a nice little touch. Glad things are going well for you.

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