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You know what northerners imagine the Bahamas might look like? We found one of those spots. We had read in the guidebooks about a place on Shroud Cay called Camp Driftwood, only accessible via a long and narrow mangrove-lined river. Yesterday morning, we packed our dinghy with a picnic lunch and just after low tide (not great timing on our behalf), we set out to find this place.

We saw this guy shortly after setting out.

The first beach we visited.

Rebecca requires that I am in at least a couple of the pics.

Heading into the river.

This island, and several of the ones south of here, are part of Exuma Park.

We had to navigate around several sandbars in the river.

This included walking the dinghy through portions of it.

We have arrived at the Exuma Sound side of the island.

Awesome beach!

A view of the river we took to get here.

Playing in the surf.

This guy was pretty bold, looking for handouts. He found none.

Rebecca just “had” to do a workout while here…

…before she went swimming.

ZTC Rocks! Get it? 😉


  1. We’ve missed you – glad you’re back! Printed the poo posting for future reference . .. makes one laugh out loud. Beautiful photos! Have a great New Year’s Eve – be interesting to know if you see any fireworks.

  2. We filmed a video of this but considering that we are paying $10.00 for each 100 meg of bandwidth we use, uploading it will have to wait. Sorry guys.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….If you were a real circumnavigator, you would have grilled the rat up on a stick…..That is no fifferent than steak teryake that you get in chinese restaurants here in the US

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    I second that regarding the rat, they put them on a stick & BBQ them in Thailand & they are field rats . But still don’t think i could do it.

  5. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Appols for such a largish email but on a personal question & understand if you wish not to answer , but after looking at your picks & reading even more we are so set on getting our own boat in 9 months time, my question is How much was your boat or what is it worth ? as i have found one on the net down from $107000 to $85,000 but its in Isla Mujeres, Mexico
    Marina Name: Marina Paraiso
    So we would have to fly there to see it & as you know it all costs. the boats name is “windborne”

    Thanks for any help advise

    This is an amazing package. Shoal draft, centerboards for performance, lots of space, 3 staterooms (or 2 & a garage), fast sailing, a catamaran that sails flat and fits in a standard slip, all at a price that’s unbeatable! This may be the ultimate boat for a couple on the gulf coast, along the barrier reef in Caribbean or wherever.

    Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
    Marina Name: Marina Paraiso
    Hull and Deck Configuration
    Hull Material: Fiberglass
    Hull Configuration: Catamaran
    Dinghy Details
    Dinghy Builder: Avon
    Outboard Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Dinghy Year: 1981
    Dinghy Length: 13
    Outboard HP: 15
    WINDBOR… 34ft
    Was: $107,000
    Now: $85,000
    Manufacturer: GEMINI CATAMARAN
    Model: Gemini 105M
    Year Built: 1999
    Model Year: 2000
    Type of Yacht: Sail
    Condition: Used
    Status: Available for Sale
    Listing Date: 5/21/2010
    Dimensions & Specifications
    Manuf. Length: 34
    Draft: 1’6
    Beam: 14
    Staterooms: 3
    LWL: 31’9
    Mast Height Clearance: 45
    Berths: 4
    Approximate Capacities and Speeds
    Fuel Capacity: 36 gallons
    Water Capacity: 60 gallons
    Approx. Cruise Speed: 7 knots
    Approx. Max Speed: 11 knots
    Displacement: 8000

  6. Very nice place. Thx for the pix.

  7. Now that *is* what you signed up for. Congratulations!

  8. Awesome! Finding spots like that with no people around ia amazing. However, now you spilled the secret there will probably be a Starbucks there soon 😉

    See you (at a similar looking place, I hope) in June!

  9. What a gorgeous place. Wow. The whole Caribbean is pretty much paradise on earth, I am thinking. I just HAVE to figure out a way soon to spend serious amounts of time there each year. And by serious I mean 6 months to the rest of my life. A year.

  10. Great pictures, as usual. Watch out for the ray, remember, one like that killed Steve Irwin! I guess the message is don’t swim over them, swim beside them!

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