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Our first charter is progressing well and we couldn’t have asked for a better set of guests. As is sometimes the case though, the weather has not been ideal. Whatever system is in the area has been giving us very frequent squalls. The “open the hatches – close the hatches” drill is getting a little old.

A tip for those of you with a new-to-you chartplotter… do not test out the MOB (Man Over Board) button unless you know how to deactivate it. On our Raymarine C95 chartplotter pushing the MOB button not only sets a waypoint but it also switches the charts to a low-detail setting and triggers a very annoying alarm every which goes off every 30 seconds or so until you cancel it. I found all this out just as I was approaching an anchorage, a time when a detailed chart might have been handy!

For the record, to cancel the MOB on the Raymarine you need only hold down the same WPT/MOB button for 4 seconds. This I found out after we anchored and I had time to consult the manual. Also, if anyone was to take me captive and want to torture me for info, all they would need to do is turn that alarm on and let it run uninterrupted. I’d spill all my secrets in a heartbeat!


  1. Rain probably won’t bother your guests. Where you are, the rain is basically warm! 🙂

    Happy sailing.


  2. Done that!

    Also, do not turn the display brightness down unless know how to turn it back up blind. On my last plotter the brightness adjustment was on a menu… but by the light of day the menus were impossible to read! I had to place 3 towels over my head in order to get it dark enough to read the screen and turn the brightness back up. Now I simply cover the plotter at night.

  3. I had the same thing happen with my Raymarine C80. Took me a long time to figure out where the beeping noise came from and why it was doing it. Finally when I figured it all out and turned off the racket, I got paranoid with the silence:)

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