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OK, we’ve had a crazy busy couple of days. The 18 inquiries that I mentioned yesterday has now grown to 30! We are truly humbled by the response. Thank you, everyone!

We spent most of yesterday trying to pull together a plan to make this all happen, and I think we’re almost there. Because of the positive comments from many of the prospective guests, we have decided to simply create a new Paypal account to process the transactions. Unfortunately, right after doing so, Paypal decided to lock that new account, pending confirmation that we are real people. Trying to prove residency when I haven’t been back to Canada since 2010 is a bit of a challenge.

You want to see a utility bill with my name on it?

Are you kidding?

Anyway, I think I have it worked out.

If you’ve contacted us and responded positively, we’ll send you the details on how you can secure one of the spots. Obviously we can’t accept all 30 so unfortunately, it’ll have to be on a first come, first served basis. We will send the registration links first to the people who definitely told us “we’re in!

For record, we do appreciate everyone’s support. Truly!

Multitasking! ZTC’s locker covers… sanding, cleaning, painting. Even though they’re hidden by the salon cushions, we want them to look great.

In other news, we just found out yesterday that our friends Daniel and Beate have their boat at Pto Williams in Chile. That is exactly where we want to sail to! We last saw these guys in Martinique. Beate told me that from there they sailed to Dominica, and then across the Atlantic to the Cape Verde Islands. From there it was back across the Atlantic to the east coast of South America, and then south. These two are amazing!

The following video shows us sailing with them on the south coast of Grenada on their boat Galadriel.


  1. Darn patriot act screws up a lot of things. PayPal protected me so much I once lost $300 to an eBay scammer. PayPal sided with the crook.

    Patience will pay off and I m enjoining your new adventure. I love hearing the wheels turn in your heads.

  2. You know, you could keep the kitty filled by offering these weeks on an ongoing basis — even just once or twice a month. If you ever decided to sail around the world, you could take on a different couple for each leg of the trip. Extra hands on passages are never a bad thing.

    • That’s true but if we did, we would likely charge considerably more money. This special rate is to reward the people who are helping us to get going.

  3. Great to see you guys come back to life – When one has a plan and a purpose the stars brighten and the path becomes clearer.

    This is the couple I have been following and admire! Great to have you back!

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