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What word should I use to describe the response to yesterday’s offer? Awesome? Amazing? Overwhelming!? At the time of writing this post, we have had 18 legitimate email inquiries, and have replied to several others on Facebook. One of our readers commented that our offer is a great idea and that we should run with it. Well, we’re not just running, we’re sprinting!

I spent hours yesterday responding to inquiries, and started right back up again this morning. I sent an email to the owner of the boat that we’re after today as well. My goal today is to somehow create a method so that supporters can pay, but also feel secure. That may involve creating a GoFundMe type of online campaign. I briefly looked at that and was not impressed by the fact that they take 7.9% of contributions, but it may be the best way. I am open to suggestions.

We also need to create an agreement so that everyone knows what to expect, and feels safe and comfortable. This campaign is solely to facilitate the purchase of the larger boat. We either go small, and do it ourselves, or go a bit bigger and share. With the response that we’ve had, I think I know what everyone is hoping for. Thank you!!!


  1. Congratulations guys!! Very exciting news!

  2. Mike – Check out for lower fees. My daughter used to raise funds for a project to benefit the Dominican Republic. Best of luck to y’all! My wife and I are considering signing up for a week too.

  3. Wow very exciting! What about using PayPal?

  4. I am not sure how any of these would make us feel safer or more secure in our payments?

    I would much rather see you get the money than to give some percentage to an internet corporation. I guess I would have to better understand who you are trying to protect (yourselves or the check writer?) and what from? I don’t see how sending you a deposit via check would be any different than sending in a deposit when you ran OneLove.

    Maybe I am just missing something that should be obvious to me?

    Sorry to be so naive.

    • Not at all naive, Steve. I was just trying to put myself in our readers (future guests) shoes, thinking that they might like some exterior element to give more credibility. From the emails that I received though, it seems as if it’s unnecessary. I think what we’ll end up doing is simply using Paypal, a service that most people are familiar with, and feel safe with. We have already set up a separate account to keep the monies distinct.

  5. Best of luck with this. My wife and I spent last weekend at the marina looking for our “getaway” boat. We’ll have to see where things lead on that effort, but a week with you guys would be a blast. Please drop me a note and we’ll see what works.

  6. Having followed you guys since you started your trip south, this seems to be a perfect fit. Being presented the opportunity to teach others something you are truly passionate about doesn’t come around every day.


  7. Hi Mike and Rebecca,

    Its very inspiring to read about how quickly you seems to bounce and regain balance from the unfortunate recent events you guys went through.

    I don’t know much about sailing but my 2 cents advice here would be: don’t sell yourselves short, you got so much to offer! Instead of just selling the sailing instruction part, why not include that in a “learn how to go from zero to cruising” package including the leaving all the stuff behind part, and going over the pros and cons about different types of boat, locations, documentation, different processes, things to think of, etc, etc. You get the idea… Not my time yet, but I’d pay good money for the “learn how to do it.” part.

    A few check lists, learning modules, books, an instructional video and there you have it: an infomercial on late night TV 🙂

    Good things happen to good people. I wish you all the success, and keep those posts coming!

  8. What about kickstart?

  9. You wanted feed back so with the good also comes some negative feedback. Firstly I would be offended to see a persons using GoFundMe to help kickstart a business for themselves. This program was orinally intended to help those in need eg medical operations, funerals,people’s last wishes.
    PayPal however is a form of making a deposit on a charter you intend to enjoy.
    If you know the history around the sailing magazine Cruising Outpost you know that many people bought subscriptions to a magazine that didn’t even exist yet. He had proven himself with Latitudes and Attitudes. The magazine is doing wonderfull.
    There are many cruisers out there that started not knowing too much and have gone on to become great sailors, in fact this is not an unusual phenomenon .
    To me there are way too many sailors now a days expecting to be paid for or donated to for the info on their blogs. What happened to the days that we shared the info to help inform others and just the satisfaction of writing.

    • Hello Faye

      Thanks for voicing your opinion. Regardless of how or why GoFundMe began, it is now used for a variety of ventures, businesses included. We have decided not to go that route but I can assure you that it has nothing to do with you being offended.

      For the record, we never once said that we were special. In fact, we have remained humble by surrounding ourselves with people who know much more than we do. Additionally, our plans to sail to Patagonia are inspired by the knowledge that what we’ve accomplished is all too common.

      Now, considering that we have fielded 30 inquiries since first posting about our new plan, obviously, for one reason or another, there are some people out there who’d like to sail with us. And we’re looking forward to meeting them, and making some new friends in the process!

  10. I do not think PayPal charges a fee for sending Money to some one– I’m not sure.. Some one told me that.. I’m sure you will figure it out..

    Is your Website? If so– Take it down..

    Amel Maramu 46?

    • Paypal does have some fees, but that is a fact of life. So do credit cards and banks.

      There are some issues pending with the OneLoveCat site.

      As for the boat, yes, we’re after a Maramu, a beautiful one!

  11. I have no doubt you’ll make this a success. Hope I get to at least see this new boat!

  12. imho, forming a LLC would be the safest bet for everyone involved

  13. OK, I finally had a chance to take a look online at the Amel Marmu 46. She is a big girl!! I guess after handling that big cat for so long, it will be easy for you guys, but what a beauty. And I love the ketch rigging, you can balance the sails and let her self steer with some practice, I bet.

  14. Mike and Rebecca;
    Have read your blogs from the beginning and seen your progression, and read your thoughts and dreams. I also have seen your high standards and ethics…good for you! I know you will land on your feet!!

    I don’t need sailing lessons and race and do offshore deliveries on my own 36 ft boat, but please, please keep writing and let the “silent majority” know what you are up to!

    I do know that my dream goal of chartering with you on the cat is gone, but who knows what will happen in the future.

    Best regards to you both!

  15. Mike, if you would like some information about business entities and the pros and cons of each, PM me with your email and I will email you some information. The LLC is easy to form and gives you limited liability, keeping your personal assets safe in the event of a law suit over the limits of your insurance.

    • Thanks, Cookie. You remember that we’re Canadian, right? 🙂

      • Mike, if you would like some information about business entities and the pros and cons of each, PM me with your email and I will email you some information. The LLC is easy to form and gives you limited liability, keeping your personal assets safe in the event of a law suit over the limits of your insurance.

        I do remember and I have one Canadian client who owns a business in the US, and Canada has their own form of an LLC. I am no expert with Canadian business entities, but I have some knowledge and would pass on what I know.

  16. Good luck with your new adventure! Hopefully we will cross paths sometime.

    D & Don

  17. Hey M&R…

    We have been doing that for years, a kind of “Try cruising before you sell the farm”

    In fact the couple who were on board when we met you, bought a boat within a week of disembarking Gilana and are now cruising.

    We have not had as many inquiries as I am sure you will get, as you are more of a marketing genius. I would suggest that long term “crew” can get old quite fast. A month is the limit for both parties.

    As far as structure is concerned, I would create a company, the participants become shareholders, they sign and receive a “use agreement” which entitles them to a block of time aboard. If the shares are divisable by 12 for months, or 365 for days, then you sell tranches of shares that equate to days or weeks or months of “Use” Its like Time-Share. Then of course there will be maintenance levies and management costs. These will raise the cost of ownership, and if you add your “management” and “Salary” costs it becomes less viable for the shareholders. SO, there should be some time allotted for charter work. Now, if one particular owner cannot make it, his time can be sold to a charter, but, he should get some benefit of that lost time….

    Like I said it gets complicated, but you have to think of any conceivable possibility.

    Good luck, and by the way, I think the 47 foot Amel is too small. You need the 52 Super Maramu, at least. Gilana is a Van de Stadt 50, and we can only take a couple at a time with luxury. When you want to sell a charter though, it would be better to be able to host 4 pax.

    Hugz from Mike and Laura…

    • Hey guys! Great to hear from you. What you’ve outlined sounds interesting, but what we’re organizing now is not a long-term solution. It is really a means to an end. It may change as time goes on, but that is our thoughts at the moment.

      As for the boat, while we’d love to have a Super Marumu (or a Boreal 47), the pocket book isn’t going to allow it. I think the Maramu will be just right for us and our plans.

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