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No, I’m not referring to that back-alley massage parlor that our friend John frequents. 😉 I’m talking about the PDQ 32 that I originally wrote about that had capsized in California. Yes, believe it or not, after the crew of Catalyst was rescued by the coast guard, the boat drifted on its own into a beautiful “doghole” and as reported ‘Lectronic Latitude, it was just safely righted. Amazing! Evidence that I was right and that our boat won’t sink.


  1. Holy cow – fabulous photo! Thank you for sharing their story, I need to pass this on!

    • It is an amazing photo. Hopefully the guys at ‘Lectronic Latitude don’t mind us sharing it here. If the boat wasn’t upside down it would be beautiful!

      You can view the photo even larger and in better detail on the link that I provided.

  2. I’m very interested to hear her story and find out exactly what happened. The article mentioned a rogue wave.

  3. Amazing! I do love catamarans, but had to go with a mono-hull. Glad to hear they have their boat back.

  4. How in the world did that cat manage to float into that hole without hitting ANY of those rocks?!!!! That is one lucky boat, not to mention the luck of her owners! I’d love to see pictures of her after she was righted. When I look at that picture, it doesn’t seem that there are any spaces between the rocks through which she could have floated. Wow.

  5. I would like to meet your friend John……Maybe the two of us could claim salvage rights and make a floating bar and massage parlor out of the upside down blowboat…..

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