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It’s true. We have yet to sail out of sight of land. One of our springtime sailing goals is to put that behind us though, however minor that accomplishment may seem to big-time mariners. Our destination for this trip will be Main Duck Island which, located at 43 55.518 N 76 36.84 W, should be about a 5 hour sail from our home harbor.

Studying the charts for this trip, and reading the above linked info on the anchorage, has been interesting. We see that the course approximately 240˚M from nearby Carruthers Point is marked by a Sector Light. Up until last week’s Seamanship class we had never even heard of such a thing!

We also see that the entrance into the Schoolhouse Bay, the primary anchorage at Main Duck Island, is marked by a range, something else we have been studying.

One thing I do know for sure though is that before we have to deal with the above-mentioned range, we’ll be seeing a few hours of nothing but this…


  1. Sailing out of sight of land is much more relaxing — less to bump in to.

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