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I think that calling us newbies in the charter business would be stretching things considerably. At the moment, I’d say we’re much more like observers, looking at the industry from the outside, taking note of the goings on. One thing that we have discerned from discussions with our friends who charter their boats, and having communicated with others in the business, is that the crews who run the yachts are, by and large, a relatively tight group. In some ways this seems a bit foreign to me as you could consider each of them to be competitors with one another. We do think it’s great though and we’re happy that it’s the case.

Several weeks ago, I reached out to the crew on another Leopard 4600 that charter in the Virgin Islands, Peter and Bobbi on Grand Cru. As they have the same boat that we were still to yet to acquire, I had some questions for them. I figured there was a 50/50 chance they’d tell us to __________ off (they’re British so insert whatever term you imagine they’d include there) or help us. Fortunately for us, they opted for the latter and in fact, seemed very willing to assist.

Last night we had the good pleasure of sharing dinner with them here in Tortola. Peter and Bobbi have just put their boat on the hard and will soon be on their way back to the UK for the remainder of H-season. We had a great time with them, eating and drinking while they shared countless bits and pieces of valuable info with us. As you might imagine, we were very appreciative of their help. As I said the other day, we have a huge learning curve ahead of us and boat operation is only one facet of it.


  1. I can never understand why people and companies dont work together..Healthy competition is good for everyone and no one is re-inventing the wheel here…Better to have nice relationships with your competition….What goes around comes around..Glad they shared some insights……They have a wonderful web site

  2. ‘One Love’…….Man and Lady……Best to Follow ‘Bob Marley ‘ to the ‘T’……smile…..The Man’s words are Inspirations All Around The World………………Still on St.Croix…..JmG

  3. I think, bugger off…..
    but not surprised in the least that they were no doubt, jolly good mates!

  4. You may have already seen this, but of possible interest.

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