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When discussing favorite anchorages and snorkeling spots with cruisers, we occasionally hear talk of secret places that are not to be shared with the masses. The following spot may not be in that category but it’s so cool, I am still reluctant to post about it. The following images are of The Flip Flop Shop, built and maintained by GT regular Mick on m/v Escargot. Each season Mick builds and decorates the structures there and each summer, he takes the pieces apart and hides them in the woods (this is done even with the picnic tables on other beaches to protect them from strong summer storms, or less-than-caring visitors). Anyway, this cool little spot is hardly visited, perhaps due to most people being aware that it is a “clothing optional” beach. We, on the other hand, have taken to visiting there each morning, working on that all-over tan. 🙂


  1. Mike these are fabulous photos! SO full of character for the place.

  2. That is why I want to cruise…….I want those hidden coves, beaches, etc. that can only be reached by local knowledge and a boat……..When you leave your name, put a heart in lieu of the plus sign!

  3. Mental note to self….stop productive paying job-type work, take out list of places to see when cruising, add this location to the list.

    Thanks Mike, I needed that!

  4. Little gems like this are one of the best things about being out on the water. We all have our favourites- some more remote than others, of course. There’s nothing else quite like the feeling you get when your bow clears that particular sprit of land whose co-ordinates you’ve never shared, revealing your little paradise ahead. That place where you can simply enjoy being out there with nature, away from any semblance of chaotic modern life.

    I know of a few places a bit like this- not tropical beaches, unfortunately, but quiet coves and bays right here in Ontario- that I can get to only by virtue of Sunset Chaser‘s sub-30-cm draft with her shallow-water drive engaged, and a good knowledge of exactly where the safe route is. One of my favourites can only be reached by an hour-plus hike through the brush, or by a complex pilotage at dead-idle through an unmarked channel that, in some spots, is less than three metres wide between deadheads. I’ve never bothered to bring a GPS to any of them.

  5. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Its pics & places like that , that now make me / us stop those “extra unwanted” coffee shop stops while out in Town even that beer twice every week on those nice evening Has to stop untill we have enough funds to do it all our self, so we have those extra bucks to have that beer on those beaches there. 🙂 Thanks for shaking me again to what we could be doing sooner

  6. Ah, what a lovely place! And with clothing optional, watching out for snakes is the least of it! Might need to watch out for the two legged kind, as well. Especially those with telescopic lenses for their cameras! 🙂

  7. Visited Flip Flop a couple of times, last time 2011.
    If in Nova Scotia. visit Cable Island, Wolfe’s Island and Shelter Cove. Only accessible by boat, often you’ll be the only ones there, kayakers do visit, but who cares. -And really remote and very beautiful Capelin Cove, Cape Breton Island. Then there’s Sable Island which has about 50nm(!) of unspoiled extremely remote beach, but you’ve got to get there first… Been there, done that. Going back when possible.

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