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A world circumnavigation may yet come but we have decided to start with something a bit smaller, Prince Edward County. We’ll be heading out later today with our friends on Pirate Jenny after provisioning this morning. There may be a couple of nights at some different marinas along the way which will also be new for us. We might as well get as much good cruising done while we are here in Lake Ontario as it’s unlikely that we’ll be sailing our boat back here again once we leave.

Today Prince Edward County. Tomorrow? Cape Horn!


  1. Oh please, before you leave the Great Lakes, spend a summer cruising the 1000 islands. Then, move the boat to Midland or Penetang, on Lake Huron and spend some years cruising the 50,000 islands along the North shore of Lake Huron.

    Do not underestimate the wonderful pleasure of being able to cruise between fresh water anchorages.

    Yeah, I know, the Great Lakes season is regrettably short. In hindsight, I would still be cruising there in preference to any of the world’s oceans.

  2. Sounds like a plan to me! We have a lot to offer in the Great Lakes, might as well enjoy it while you’re here! Should you decide to come to Lake Erie, don’t miss Kelly’s Island. Everyone talks about Put In Bay, and it’s OK, but Kelly’s and Pelee have a lot to offer, as do the other Bass Islands. Hope to see you on the lake!

  3. what a complicated and interesting-looking shoreline to explore!

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