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What do charter crews talk about when they get together? Well yesterday, when we shared a couple beers with our friend Steve from Alternate Latitude, the conversation zoomed right in to head repair. Imagine that!

In one of my pre-Leopard-acquisition posts, I wrote about how our friend Kirk suggested that we carry at least one (well, really he said 3) macerator pump assemblies to make repairs on our boat’s electric heads. As luck would have it, one of those pumps gave up the ghost before we even got off the dock! In my mind this was fortunate in that a) the Moorings replaced it free of charge and b) I got to speak to the guy who replaced it about what was involved with the process.

Note: I would have watched him fix it but cramming two guys into the head while work is being done would have been a tad… intimate.

This, of course, is only one of a thousand jobs that we’ll be involved with on this boat over the coming months. It’s a good thing I enjoy puzzles because at present, this boat is like one giant expensive Rubik’s Cube to me.

This works on boats too, right?


  1. Michael might not appreciate that way of fixing.

    I hate puzzles.

  2. But which hull do you keep the “bigger hammer” in to keep the hull level?

    Oops I forgot, you have a spare!

    As a touch of Midwest humor, my Father-In-Law told my once that when my wife was a kid she could “figure out a way to break a ball bearing”. No that is a feat.

  3. Not sure I’d want to play the odds, of getting through a week long full charter without head repair. Maybe there should be a macerater pump clause, be creative! 🙂

  4. This seems to align with one of my life lessons in selecting pets, “the bigger the dog, the bigger the poop!” I’m saving up to book a ride you guys :)…

  5. S/y Helena is for training for youth and chartering long distances.

    Their head had this sign:
    (I guess they wish all paper put in degrading dog poop bags or something.)

  6. Part of your initial briefing to charterers, as well as the fire extinguishers, life jackets etc etc, has to be ‘how to use the heads’ This always seems to cause embarrassment, but it is essential. Also, ladies have to be told that it is not a challenge to see which of them can use an entire roll first.

    (Been there. Done it!)


  7. Sorry, I forgot to pass along the repair formula:

    Monohull =x1
    Catamaran = x2
    Large Catamaran = x3
    Charter Catamaran = x4

    Happy fixin’!

  8. Three heads are better than one.

  9. Do you have all electric heads on this boat mike or manual?

  10. When we bought Sweet Escape we moved up from a 27 footer to a 44 footer. Maneuvering, docking, systems – it was all a little (a lot) intimidating at first. The good news is it doesn’t take long to get comfortable and the rewards are well worth it. Hang in there.

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