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It was minus 23C in Fernie this morning. That’s not a pleasant temperature for anyone, and that includes the locals. In spite of temperatures which are a definite shock to our systems, we’re both very pleased with our decision to make Fernie our new home. And I say that even though we’ve only been here a week.

To anyone who ever asked, we always said that if we were to move back to Canada, it would be to British Columbia. As much as we love the ocean, the mountains seem to call to us. The outdoors has long been our passion and Fernie is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise! Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing… it’s all here. In addition to that, the town is as pretty as a postcard with majestic mountains jutting up all sides of it. It’s just as beautiful as I remember it from previous visits.

Our family that we’re staying with are kindred souls too. They embrace the outdoor opportunities that abound here. Rebecca has been out cross-country skiing with her sister twice already and running once. We also took our bikes out for a ride where local fat bikers had groomed curvy single-track trails through the forest. Although we haven’t yet had the opportunity to take advantage of it, Fernie Alpine Resort with its famous ski runs lies just minutes from where we are presently living. And that’s just the winter activities! As difficult as it may be to believe today, we have been promised that summer does actually occur here and that there is an equal number of fun outdoor activities taking place here then too. As we’ve only ever been in Fernie during the winter months, I look forward to seeing just how true that is.

Rebecca’s sister Deb breaking new trail after a fresh snowfall.

On the career change front, Rebecca and I spent the entire day today knocking on doors, handing out resumes, and submitting online applications. That, and ogling the sexy new bikes in all the outdoor shops here. Although this is a relatively small town, we remain positive that some outstanding employment opportunities will present themselves. After all, who wouldn’t want us working in their business?  🙂


  1. good luck with the “pounding the pavement” with the resumes – I know it is a frustrating process but with patience am sure you will both find something worthy of your talents!

  2. Good outlook! Funny – I was thinking today abut you guys, thinking how it must be an awful shock of adjustment, in many ways, lifestyle, climate. Glad to hear it’s apparently going okay. I was hiking on a snowy “mountain” trail yesterday ( a small easy Catskill mountain, not like your big peaks) and my companion said how his travels out West had made him appreciate the outdoors so much more. I guess the love of outdoors goes with the adventuresome heart. And ultimately, big picture – in most situations, it’s how you think about things that matters, and gets you to where you should be going.

  3. Fernie is a great place for folks like you guys. Good luck with the transition to the “Rocky Mountain Way.”

  4. I can smell the snow!

    Fernie looks awesome! I spent a winter in Sun Valley, Idaho and absolutely loved it!


  5. I have read all your blog from the beginning. I have followed you for years.
    I was an over the road truck driver going coast to coast, border to border for nearly 30 years. I enjoyed my work/profession. I would think with your penchant for adventure and travel, you might enjoy long haul trucking.
    As team drivers you would always be together and enjoy the sights and adventures together. I know you would have little difficulty getting your Commercial Drivers License with you experience of getting Master’s Papers. Once you have your CDL in the Province/State of your permanent residence you can apply for a trucking job anywhere.
    Just and suggestion, as I stated, I really enjoyed my time on the road, I’m 75 now or I would still be trucking.

    • Hi Harry. Thanks for the suggestion! A good cruising friend of ours, George, got his commercial trucking license. He has been working at that, on and off, for some time.

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