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Amazing news! After hiking up and down The Quill today, Rebecca and I returned to our boat to find that the hole in the hull had been completely repaired. Apparently the fiberglass gnomes are hard at work in Statia taking care of visiting yachts, even on April Fools Day!

Sorry if we caused any of our friends stress this morning.
ZTC is safe and sound, right where we anchored her.


  1. I suspected something was amiss when I could see the anchor on the bow. Keep up the great work. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. wonders never cease…

  3. Really— It’s April Fools day…. I didn’t believe it!! Such experienced Yachts Women/Man would never make such a mistake!!….

    I enjoy your Blog kids– Thanks for sharing….

    PS– I hope you two spend a good deal of time nude…. I certainly would….

  4. You know, when I first read the post, I knew something was amiss. I’ve followed your blog for some time, and the post was different some how. Sorry, but it had a fishy feel to it. I wasn’t fooled for a second, but it was a nice try. The photo also didn’t look real. Most fiberglas holes have much more rough edges with fiber hair showing.

    I am glad everything is ok, and you both are in good spirits.

  5. Not even going to lie – I fell for it. Glad the sandy bottom still holds strong!

  6. I concede April 1 is not my favorite day. You’ve demonstrated why.
    Sorry guys. Bad taste. Disappointed.

  7. Mike and I figured it was an April Fools gag but just I case it wasn’t, we thought you might need info on where you could get it repaired. What gave it away was the edges of damage looked too straight to be caused by rocks! Happy April Fools Day and safe travels.

  8. Shouldn’t make fun as one day it may actually happen!

  9. I came in late in the day, so was spared the joke, good ro bad.
    Off subject – sorry. Do you know anyone using the DeLorme InReach? You use SPOT and I am trying to get some actual sailor feedback to make a choice. Add all the bells and whistles and they are not that far apart in price. Living in Maine, there is that buy local thing …..

  10. Wow! Cool! When you receive the $20,000 check I mailed yesterday, please just rip it up, OK? Thanks.

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