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During one of our most recent rides, I mused over the word home. We read about cyclists shipping items that they no longer need back home, or returning there after their travels are finished. We know a number of people who are, just now, going home for the holidays. Where is our home?

You can have more than one home. You can carry your roots with you, and decide where they grow. — Henning Mankell

When we sold our house and our business in Kingston, we left the city with no further ties there. Neither of us was born in Kingston, and because we have no family in that immediate area, we don’t consider that to be our home.

For the longest time, we lived on a boat and so referred to it as our home. Given our present boat situation, I unfortunately no longer feel that way even though we still do own the boat. So, without a bricks and mortar residence to return to, or even a boat to call home, what does that make us? Homeless?

What comes next?

I will admit that even though Rebecca and I have no intention of voluntarily stopping our current journey, we do, at times, consider our options for when the time comes that we do wish to “settle down.” It’s only natural, I suppose. “Where would we go?” and “What would we do to support ourselves?” are common questions that roll around in our heads. Would we go back to living and/or working on a boat? Would we go back to the martial arts and fitness industry? If not running our own business, who would hire a couple of perpetual travelers like us?

At present, none of these questions require answers. Our home at the moment is our tent and our vehicles are our bikes. We have a significant way to go before we reach Patagonia, our current long-term objective. Chance has placed us at Maya Pedal right now and we’ll remain here with our new friends for the Christmas holidays. Our hearts will be with our family though: our daughter Cassandra, her husband Robert, and our grandkids in California, Rebecca’s father in Deep River, and our siblings and their families who are scattered across Canada. We miss you all, and we’ll be thinking of you, imagining that we’re all home together for the holidays!

Home is any four walls that enclose the right person. — Helen Rowland

For those who truly are homeless, and not voluntarily as we are, we wish you the absolute best for the holidays. We hope that you find someplace loving to spend your time and that your new year is joyous and prosperous!

Last but not least, thank you very much to Nathan Krall for the wonderful donation / Christmas present. Your support means more than you can imagine!


  1. Merry Christmas from one homeless nomad to you both, Safe travels and May our paths cross again one day. It’s so hard to settle down once you get a taste of this lifestyle. Your same questions cross my mind about where and what would I do? but I think I know the what, it’s just the where. Too many places to see and explore and people to meet. Wishing you both the happiest, healthy and adventurous of New Years.

  2. We will all be with you if not in person but in spirit. I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Felicidades!

  3. Merry Christmas, Rebecca & Mike!
    Glad you landed in a place with cool new friends to spend some time with.

  4. Merry chrIstmas you guys ❤️ You always have our home to come to when you visit ☺️❤️

  5. Merry Christmas!! Love you post and happy that you’ll be spending the holidays with new friends! Looking forward to your 2018 travels!! Stay safe!

  6. Merry Christmas you two!!

  7. All the best and keep those pedals turning! K&D

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