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In case you were having any doubts, we are having a blast here at Jost Van Dyke. We did make an early night of it Saturday, blowing off the party at Foxy’s in lieu of a quiet movie-night on ZTC, but that was only so we would be fully rested for the long journey to Diamond Cay on the eastern end of JVD (just kidding — it was only about 2 miles).

No sooner than we had mentioned our intention to come here to Jost Van Dyke, we had a dozen people post saying that we just HAD to go to the Bubbly Pool. What is the Bubbly Pool you ask? Quite simply, this is Mother Nature’s answer to a water park!

The well-marked trail to the Bubbly Pool originates at Foxy’s Taboo Restaurant, the 2nd of two Foxy’s on JVD. After following the blue arrows, and heeding the warnings to avoid the poisonous trees (don’t worry — they’re not right on the trail), we found our way to the place that everyone has been talking about. The Bubbly Pool is essentially a semi-sheltered area that the northern waves break into, fortunately hindered by the large boulders in front of it. If it weren’t for the protection afforded by those rocks, we would surely have been smashed by the water entering the pool. If there was ever any doubt that that was the case, it was washed away as soon as we climbed to the top of the cliffs and looked out over the north coast to see what the uninterrupted waves looked like breaking over the rocks. Don’t let that scare you though, playing in the pool is not dangerous, typically, and you can control how much of the waves’ force you take by how close you go to the mouth of the pool. I said not dangerous “typically” because after following a suggestion to go right to the front and hold on to a “handle” on the rock as the waves broke over me, I was hit in the head by a rock! What kind of luck is that? Don’t fret, no blood was shed, but it did hurt. That was the last we played that game! And yes, I probably would jump off a bridge if someone dared me to. 🙂

With the exception of the rock in the head, we had a blast, and plan to return this morning for one more play session before heading to Tortola. The Bubbly Pool at JVD… a not-to-be-missed destination.


  1. Awesome…I never went to the bubbly bath when there……I will just have to do this winter…Have you met Foxy?

    • Re: Pool. Definitely
      Re: Foxy. Not sure. We met a guy who called himself George who told crazy rhymes. I heard other people refer to him as Foxy though. Either he was messin’ with us or the others were nuts.

      • Unfortunately, these days it seems you only catch Foxy in the morning. Don’t know who George is. If you met Foxy you would know it. He has a big old black lab. You would’ve likely heard that the lab is and island dog and why. Believe he is still fishin’ these days and I haven’t seen him in the evenings for many years.

  2. Mike, sucks about the rock in the head. Great pics!! Hope day two was better. Are you on your way to Trellus Bay today? Fun little place also. Sure hope you stopped at Monkey Point to see if the Tarpon and Sardines are playing.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!! Except for the rock bit.

    I don’t know if anyone has told you but be sure to greet people before you start talking or asking questions. Good morning, afternoon or evening. If you do you will get a big smile and a very helpful attitude, if you don’t they will be curt or surly. I greet everyone whether I am needing to speak to them or not – it’s just considered polite if you do and very rude if you don’t.

  4. Looks like you had a great time! The bubbly pool is a great place to stop. Since your in the area, make sure you make it over to sandy spit. It’s the perfect spot for a little picnic lunch and pretend you are shipwrecked (hopefully not for real 🙂

    Next full moon is May 17th, you should really hang out in the BVI at least until after the full moon and make sure you take in one of the full moon parties. Choices are either Bomba’s Full Moon Party, anchor in Cane Garden Bay, and take the taxi up the hill to Bomba’s Shack, or take in the full moon at Trellis Bay, complete with fireballs that are lit over the water. A visit to the BVI would not be complete without a full moon experience.

  5. Helen A. Spalding

    What beautiful pictures! Looks and sounds like fun, except for the rock. I’d love to get to Bubbly Pool someday!

  6. Gary & Marilyn Wright

    We loved the bubbly pool as much or more than the Baths.
    Both are must sees in our books. Sandy Spit had a sixty footer go on the reef while we were there, What a shame.
    If you see Cheryl(our daughter)and Rene Tuerlings on “Gypsy Blues”, please say hello for us. They are on St. Maarten right now.

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