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I just loved _______________ (insert name of island), it was our favorite place.” Quite often when we hear statements like this, the cruiser’s chosen ‘bit of paradise‘ differs greatly from ours and thus we feel compelled to ask the question “Why?” We had this exact conversation with some friends of ours recently and they listed for us the top 3-4 things that, when found, place an island high on their list of desirable places. Interestingly, their criteria was quite a bit different than ours!

So, my questions for today are, if you’ve been cruising, what has been your favorite spot and what are your Top 3 criteria which earned that island the first-place spot? It might be helpful if you include in your response the areas that you have visited. ex. The US and the Bahamas, the Med., the Eastern and Western Caribbean, etc.

The basic criteria we could think of, in no particular order, are:

  1. Beaches – sunbathing, surfing
  2. Protected Anchorages – safe, free from roll, swell
  3. Internet Access
  4. Shopping (food) – wine, cheese, bread
  5. Shopping (marine supplies) – fuel, spare parts
  6. Shopping (other) – clothing, etc.
  7. Hiking – mountains, waterfalls
  8. Social Activities – cruiser socials, pot-luck dinners, etc.
  9. Restaurants
  10. Diving / Snorkeling
  11. People (local residents) – friendly
  12. Other – in case we missed something

We’ll get the ball rolling:

  • Our favorite spot (to date) is Grenada and our top 3 reasons are:
  1. Protected anchorages – If there wasn’t a safe and comfortable place for our boat, we just wouldn’t have remained here to enjoy the rest of the island.
  2. HikingGrenada can easily satisfy our hiking fix. We have been hiking (Hashing) pretty much weekly and there are still countless places left to explore.
  3. People – We have met a ton of cool people here in Grenada, many of whom we are happy to call friends!

I know it might be tough to pick only one island. It was for us! Try to be honest when replying with your criteria. Don’t answer with what you think you “should” say.

Thanks in advance for playing along!

We went back to visit Mount Carmel again yesterday.


  1. Obviously I hope to experience the whole Caribbean, but my favorite spot that I have sailed to is Vieques in the Spanish Virgin Islands. It is what the Caribbean use to be…..Old school!

    • Answer the question properly, John! Why? What makes it your favorite? Pick three things from my list. In other words, why should I go there?

      Note: We have been to Vieques, albeit briefly.

  2. Culebra in the SVI. The people are great, there are a few local places to eat that have a LOT of character, and the place is pretty much deserted except for Dewey . Great hiking and exploring, in the land that time forgot. Also, they have an airstrip that is a blast to watch the planes land.

  3. Bequia, for the Beaches, Social Activities, and Beaches, plus it had good internet and a decent Anchorage!

  4. Did you go crashing down your “water slide” again?

    (Sorry can’t help with island choice. I have lots of places, uk and med I don’t want to go back to!)


  5. My favorite spot, Your website!
    1. The people. Y’all and the commenters are interesting people
    2. The sights, great photography, interesting subjects, and yes, God forgive me, a hot wife.
    3. Internet access, points 1 & 2 take me briefly out of my office and across the ocean to a happy place.

    In truth, I did visit St. Croix back in 1985, but I was 16 and I hardly remember it.

    Cruise on! Mike & Rebeca!

  6. 1. Beach (leeward) Paradise Beach (Carriacou) – Beach (windward) Macaroni Beach (Mustique)
    2. Chatham Bay, Union Island – Admiralty Bay, Bequia
    3. No opinion
    4. Local Food Store Doris’ Fresh Foods, (Bequia) – Bread De Breadman (Grenada)
    5. Budget Marine, Grenada run by the excellent Nicolas George
    6. Supermarket IGA in Spiceland Mall (Grenada) – T-shirts Fidel Productions (Carriacou)
    7. a) Dominica, b) Grenada, c) St Vincent
    8. Too many great places and people in the Windward Islands to mention.
    9. Restaurant BB’s Crabback (St Georges, Grenada) – Restaurant (lunch) Jacks Bar (Bequia)
    10. No opinion.
    11. All the windward Caribbean Islands!
    Hope that helps!

    • 1. Haven’t been there.
      2. Haven’t been there.
      3. na
      4. Might have tried them.
      5. Excellent store although the St. Martin store is even bigger.
      6. The IGA rocks. HAven’t seen the T-shirts.
      7. Agreed!
      8. Yup.
      9. Haven’t been to either.
      10. na
      11. Agreed!


  7. So finally I have to say…
    Bequia No.1
    Grenada No.2

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