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My latest bit of research is coming by way of the book The Care And Feeding of the Sailing Crew by Lin and Larry Pardey.

The authors of the book, the Pardeys have been cruising forever! And they do so now primarily onboard TALEISIN, their engineless 29 footer! The book goes into serious detail about provisioning, organizing a galley and preparing meals underway. My only critique of the book is that, because it includes recipes at the beginning of every chapter, it is not good to read on an empty stomach! We give the book 5 stars!

Yesterday Rebecca had the chance to catch up with her Mom and Dad via telephone. Both of her parents are strangely supportive of our weird plans although her Dad did confide to her yesterday that he didn’t think we would last too long cruising. We, of course feel differently and if we didn’t, we likely would not be going to all the trouble that we are to sell off everything that we own! Regardless, he is still supportive of the venture which makes us both very happy and very grateful!

We also had the chance yesterday to share our plans with some new friends of ours. One of the toughest things about this whole ordeal will be leaving behind the many great relationships that we have developed. We are looking forward to having regular visitors during our travels, even if we do conveniently schedule them when the bottom of the boat needs to be scrubbed. 😉

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  1. I will certainly try to AVOID the bottom scrubbing – but am willing to try out the Pardley’s recipes anytime

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