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In less than 24 hours, the crew of Two Fish, along with those sailing on about 30 other boats in the World ARC fleet, will begin their passage southwest towards the Galapagos. While not a true race, I have been told that they do begin these legs with an actual racing start line which, with Jason’s uber competitive nature (not unlike us), he can not ignore.

This passage will be a significant milestone for Rebecca and me. It will be:

  1. Our longest non-stop passage
  2. Our farthest passage from land
  3. Our first time sailing over the Equator

Needless to say, we are very excited, and feel truly fortunate to have been invited onboard Two Fish to experience this.

As you may have noted during the past week, even though we did not have any Wi-Fi or cellular internet access, we were still able to post snippets of what we were up to via Twitter (see feed in right-hand side bar of this site, and also our Facebook page). We were able to do this via a satellite messenger known as a Yellow Brick, similar to the DeLorme InReach Explorer that I previous wrote about. Unless the Iridium satellites drop out of the sky during the next week, we should be able to continue this while at sea. Unfortunately, it’s a one-way transmission as far as these posts go so we won’t really know if everything stops working until we arrive in the Galapagos, and acquire an actual internet signal.

In addition to these little text updates, our friends should be able to post a more detailed accounting of our passage, including a few small photos, via their Iridium GO!. If you’re extra interested in how our passage is going, be sure to check out the Two Fish website for those updates.