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It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no, it’s Rebecca on a Flyboard! You may or may not have been aware that such a thing existed but I can tell you, from the minute that Rebecca first saw a video of people doing this new sport, she has been dying to try it. As it turns out, we happened to anchor yesterday at Druif Bay where Dan from Break-n-Wind Flyboards offers visitors a chance to check it out. Although Rebecca was hesitant to spend the money, I knew she had to do it. She hasn’t stopped smiling since so of course it was well worth it.

This post may be a bit photo heavy but I took so many shots it was hard to choose. If you think there are too many pics in this post you can feel free to stop looking whenever you get bored. 🙂


  1. I am going to assume that since I don’t see a propulsion unit that his jet is powering it?

  2. Where’s the throttle to that thing?

  3. I bet Dan the operator from Breaking-N-Wind was very impressed with Rebecca’s skill for the first time.

    D & Don

  4. I bet that Dan, the operator of Breaking-N-Wind, was quite impressed with Rebecca’s prowess for the first go at it.

    D & Don

  5. Wow….What a Trooper…..You are Lucky Mr.Mike!……And…….She really DOES NOT look all that Bad with a Long Tail…….smile……Enjoyed the POST and Picture.

  6. I’ve seen videos of the of Fly Boards and the other vision that has it’s own power supply tethered to it– Both look very fun to fly on!!

    How long did it Rebecca to get the hang of it??
    I had a Air Chair some years back and it cost me many many whip outs till I mastered it…

  7. Do I see a new water toy on “One Love” soon? lol

  8. Breaking-N-Wind… Great Name for a company that supplies fun!!

  9. Trying out the next toy for One Love?! Last year, when we were staging in Fort Lauderdale before skipping across the Gulf Stream, they spent an entire day doing this right next to our boat. Didn’t know what it was called; now I do! First time we saw it was two years ago in Ft. Lauderdale at the Christmas Boat Parade. Looks like a blast!

  10. How does that thing work? It looks like she’s standing on a giant penis!

  11. You guys need a Go Pro camera to record all you do and they are only $400. Goggle it and I think you will agree!

  12. Very cool!

    Ever since I watched Rick Mercer try one last year ago I knew that they would become popular….at least in the areas that allow sea doos.

    (BTW…we sailed the BVI’s 2x with Tom, our Ottawa friend who named his cat Break ‘n Win. Transport Canada would not let him use “Wind”)

  13. From the Flyboard official website: “…in less than 6 months an unavoidable nautical discipline.”
    So Mike, where are your pictures 😉

  14. I bet the people on that big Catana were just thrilled.

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