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When you carry a lot of toys like we do on One Love, you need a way to conveniently and safely store them. In the case of the two kayaks that we have on board, we have, up until now, been lashing them to the stanchions on the side decks. While this is secure (as secure as the stanchions), it takes me 15 minutes to tie each one and at least a third of that time to untie them. This is not so good if we have guests wanting to access them several times per day. A solution needed to be found.

We have come across several boats with special racks that allow the kayak to be carried outside the lifelines. While not perfect, I thought that they offered a good solution for our situation. The trick was getting them. With Michael’s girlfriend Julie due to fly here from Denver on Saturday, we contacted Garhauer Marine on Friday morning and asked if they would be able to overnight two sets to Colorado so that she could stuff them into her suitcase. They said no problem and even better, they made it happen!

Julie arrived last evening and as soon as she left the airport we whisked her away to Hooters so that she could watch her beloved Broncos play football (they won). Once back on the boat we got to inspect our new kayak racks and before setting off from St. Thomas this morning, we were able to install them. I have to say that our early opinion is that the racks are perfect. I believe they offer a good blend of security and access, just what we need for our charter operation. It will be nice to have our guests be able to access the toys with a minimal amount of effort.

Old way, lashed to the stanchions.

Racks without a kayak.

Racks with a kayak. SUP attached separately inside the stanchions.


  1. Nice!! MUCH tidier looking too. I am all about tidy!

  2. That looks good, and you get your side decks back.

    However, how will you go alongside a wall or another boat? Do those supports hinge flat? Also, how strong are they if it gets rough and there is water flying around?


  3. Hi Mike and Rebecca,

    It seems as though things are falling nicely into place aboard One Love….well done. Your hard work and attention to detail has really paid off. Best of luck to you both this coming season.

    We heard the terrible news about Pirates Bite Restaurant on Norman Island a while back. It was one of our favorite places to visit during our BVI charters. I know that it had just been renovated and we were especially looking forward to our next visit. Do you know if there are plans to rebuild? What have you heard?

    Keep up the great work. You two are an inspiration…..especially to a couple of fellow “Canucks” that are watching the first accumulation of snow gather outside at the moment.

    Chris & Janice

  4. If I had a boat I would use those as well. That reminds of something. I like to play instruments but I can’t read or write music. So every time I hear a song on the radio I think, maybe I wrote that?

  5. very nice! We saw you cruising in the area as we were on our way back from Virgin Gorde to St. Thomas today. The yellow main sail cover and foresail is a definite give away! Very nice!

  6. Wow!….that’ll clear things up for those big toys!

  7. Do you also lock your toys on- or just lash them?

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