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It seems amusing to me that, exactly three years ago today, we were anchored in basically the same location, waiting for weather to head south, just as we are today. In fact, I actually posted an article a couple days before that date describing what to do when waiting for a suitable passage weather window. We’re doing all of those things now.

Rebecca and I have enjoyed our time here in Martinique but are now, as Tropical Storm Bonnie inflicts rain on the US east coast, looking forward to returning to our H-Season refuge of Grenada. We’re not in too big of a hurry though. As the quote on the meme below indicates, patience is best applied when dealing with Mother Nature.

Speaking of H-season, the author of this article, a veteran of several storms, offers some good advice. The piece mentions securing the boat in the mangroves. Our friends on Distant Shores describe how they accomplished that, here in Martinique as a matter of fact. It’s worth noting that should a storm threaten, to find an open spot in such a location, you’d better plan on heading there early. In a place like this (or the Virgin Islands) with thousands of boats in the water, you don’t want to wait until the 11th hour, only to find that there’s no room at the inn!


  1. Looks like perfect weather for a sail.

  2. When you are looking at these charts, what is it that is causing you to wait, and what are the numbers that would make you happy to go? Are they different numbers from other boats you have been on?

  3. Hi Mike, Yes I agree it makes best sense not to try to stay in a hurricane hole if it is possible to head south to Grenada…but staying made VERY exciting video for sure 🙂

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