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Our friend Kirk commented that, after observing our Spot Tracker route, it looked as if we were going in circles. That’s really not all that far from the truth because in our attempt to entertain our buddy Christian, our first visitor on board, we have been retracing some of our steps. After retrieving Christian from the ferry dock in Soper’s Hole (West End, Tortola), the full-moon party at Bomba‘s was our first stop. Following that we have hit The Indians for snorkeling, Pirates and the Willie T at Norman Island and just now, our favorite stops at Jost Van Dyke. Tomorrow we’ll be depositing Christian at the Tortola airport and shortly after he leaves the BVIs, we will be too. From the little I heard of the weather forecast this morning, it sounds like a good opportunity to head to St. Martin might exist on Sunday or Monday. If so, we’ll be on our way south again… new adventures await us!

For those wondering about the absence of T-shirts from the Willie T, this should explain it. This is now their official policy. 🙁

Christian sitting outside Pirate’s on Norman Island, working on the smile-activation feature of his camera. Sorry I missed the great smiles!

Christian at the helm during our high-pressure “race” with s/v Happy Times.

Christian pretending that he is in the TV show M*A*S*H after a great burger at Corsairs on JVD.

Making friends at the Soggy Dollar.

Anchorage: Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke, BVI
Internet on boat with Alfa: Yes, free, but very intermittent.
Internet on boat without Alfa: No.
Internet on shore: Yes. Go to Foxy’s.


  1. I have pictures of my daughter sleeping in one of the hammocks at the Soggy Dollar Bar. Did you see my message I left on the wall? It starts with “I lost my virginity…..”

  2. I think you spent exactly the right amount of time in the Virgin Islands on a trip south to Granada. (just saying)

  3. That sign at the Willy T is the “official” policy. Now reality…. That’s another thing.

  4. If you’re gonna go in circles, at least you’re doing it in the perfect place! I’m so jealous!! =) Maybe I can make my daughter feel better about us leaving when I show her that she can do like Christian and visit us in awesome places.

  5. Mike, my sister and her husband (Cheryl and Rene) are still in St. Martin. They are anchored in the lagoon, Jeanneau 47, turquoise canvas, arch on the back, Cdn flag and GYPSY BLUES in large turquoise letters towards the bow. I think they are there for about another month before they head back to Grenada.
    Rene can sometimes be found working at Island Water World also.
    If you run into them, please say Hi for me.

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