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When it comes procuring food while cruising it only makes sense for us to try to maximize our skill in fishing (think basically FREE food). To give you an idea of where we are starting with this though I should point out that we are probably less skilled at fishing than we are at sailing! Pretty bad, eh?

There are however many ways of getting the fish on board the boat, short of buying it or praying that some suicidal ones jump on board. We could, of course, troll while underway. We could fish from the boat or the dinghy while anchored someplace. We could also do as many people do though and spearfish! This intrigues me although I fear my lack of swimming skill may hold me back. While spear guns are illegal in the Bahamas (and no doubt other places too) I understand that fishing with a polespear is legal. I really have no idea how this is done, other than the most basic fundamentals. That being, a pointy stick is propelled at the hopefully soon-to-be-dinner fish via a stretched piece of rubber tubing. This is probably why I have heard of this likened to a bow and arrow. Modern high-tech spears are made of aluminum, fiberglass and/or carbon fibre and come with a variety of pointy tips, depending on the size of gamefish one is seeking. A couple of suppliers that I have heard of are Ray Odor and Gat-ku.

Because Rebecca is the much stronger swimmer she said that she will take on the spearfishing role because I’m pretty sure we won’t be teaching her monkey to do it for us!


  1. Mike, you can still spear/pole fish without swimming. I don’t know about Ontario, but here on the south shore, many farm boys ( and girls, and men and women) make use of pitchforks to catch carp and frogs. Carp are an invasive species in the Lakes, so it’s legal. One stands on the shore along a suitable bank or ditch edge, and when a carp is spotted, one plunges the ptichfork into it and flings it ashore, in much the same way as the pitchfork is used in its intended field of endevour! Quite effective. I don’t know about carrying a pitchfork on Katana, one would need to shield the tines, but it works!

    In fact, I was driving home from work one day and a couple of kids were forking carp in the flooded ditch next to the road through the marsh. They heaved an especially large one up into the road. I positioned my car to straddle the fish, but as I went over it, there was a loud THUNK from under the car. I looked back to see one very dead fish and two startled boys! Left me a good story to tell at work about hitting a fish with my car. My fishing partner thought that was a bit of a stretch to go for new fishing techniques! The pitchfork she knew about, but not hitting a fish with the car! I don’t know if it flopped at an inopportune time or if it was just that big. My car was pretty little. (Ford Escort). So you too can fish with a spear or reasonable facsimily thereof, or even without getting out of your car!

  2. Good Hunting!
    Might want to research Ciguatera.

    • Thank Kirk. I am aware of Ciguatera. I believe it is mostly found in reef fish (?) so I guess we’ll have to avoid those.

      I really need to find a good book on fish species, with lots of pictures!

  3. Mike,

    You should try getting hold of Roger Ford, formerly of s/v Kokomo a PDQ36. He was an absolute hunting wiz when it came to using the pole spear and also trolling.

    You can find him as one of my friends on facebook, or I am pretty sure he may still hang out on some of the PDQ forums(?).

    Fair Winds,
    gray and rainy (aka – grainy) here in Martinique

    • Thanks Mike. I will look Roger up. I can use all the help I can get. Enjoy your grainy day. It is still hovering around zero degrees here!

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