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In our quest to save money for our cruising kitty we have long had a policy that we would not buy anything that wouldn’t be going on the boat with us. This limits the choices for birthday presents though and as Rebecca’s special day is fast approaching, one of the few things I could think of that she would like, and fit our rules, was new snorkeling gear. Although we are not divers we do enjoy snorkeling in nice, warm waters. Each of us did have a good set of gear but they mysteriously went missing on a past trip to Mexico. So, off to the store we went yesterday to get ourselves fitted (my birthday is coming up too, so we decided to get them both looked after at the same time, to be fair of course).

One thing that looks intriguing to me are Hookah units which let you dive while breathing air supplied by a gas or electric pump unit situated onboard your boat’s deck, or floating nearby. I bookmarked two pages some time ago: Seabreath and Powerdive. The latter doesn’t appear to have any distributors in North America. Definitely a luxury and thus not on the shopping list right now, but interesting nonetheless.

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