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Nothing has to be forever to be worth doing!

Number 4 in the top-10 list of questions we have been asked is “How long are you going to do this for?” How does one really answer a question like that? Forever is what I usually say, knowing of course that it won’t really be the case. Unlike many others Rebecca and I have no 4-year plan to circumnavigate the globe and then move on the the next big thing (we think such a plan is very cool, it’s just not what we’re up for).

I recently started reading a thread on Sailnet, an internet forum catering to sailers and cruisers that asked the question “Would you get bored of cruising?” One of the replies stuck out in my mind. The poster said “I got bored…but it took six years. Best six years of my life! Nothing has to be forever to be worth doing!” In my mind that is perfect!