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Rebecca, Michael and I are just about all packed for our return flights to the Virgins. We leave Colorado just before midnight tonight and after a fairly substantial layover in Fort Lauderdale, fly on to St. Thomas.

Last sunset in Loveland?

The hundred or so things that the three of us have been juggling these past few weeks (months!) all seem to be coming together. The new corporation has been formed and the new vessel name has been registered to White Bay, BVI. The numerous upgrades that we have ordered here in the US have all made it to our freight forwarder in Miami for transport to St. Maarten. We even have a couple of other packages being sent directly to our friend David in St. Maarten and I believe they are on route. We received word yesterday that the Moorings phase out team have completed the long list of maintenance items that they were required to do before closing, and that a cleaning crew was on board to get it all ready. I love it when a plan comes together!

Who remembers the A-Team?

The only thing left to see is if Spirit Airlines is going to let me bring my guitar on board our flight tonight. If not, perhaps I’ll have to write a song about them. That sorta thing seems to be influential.


  1. I think everywhere you two travel together is a Loveland. So you have lots of “Loveland” sunsets. In time I might just book myself into one of your excursions. Really missing boat life, but Al keeps me pretty busy, like we were at a 7:30 a.m.brain MRI this morning. Just checking on the status of remaining tumour after a year. Arghhhhhh. Enjoy where you are heading.

  2. With Spirit, you’ll probably have to pay a “nominal” fee or buy a ticket for the guitar. Safe travels!

  3. The cargo hold of an airplane is no place for any delicate instrument at any airline unless it is properly packed for shipping. A guitar case is great for keeping your guitar free of scratches and dings but it wont save it from 300 pounds or more of baggage being piled on top of it or it being hurled into a baggage cart like a suit case. You’ve probably got better than even odds of getting it onboard the plane with you but all it takes is one gate agent or flight attendant and presto, your baby is checked baggage! SKB or other similar armored cases have worked very well for me.

  4. Glad to hear it’s all coming together! Let us know when it’s up and running as we mentioned it to some friends from our trips to Mexico and several expressed an interest…

  5. This is so great!! Excited for you guys!

    Also excited at the prospect of seeing you in Grenada in October!!

  6. Ya mon, I and I love the name of the boat mon. Irie!!
    Good luck with the guitar…One Love!!

  7. Have a good trip guys. Good luck with Spirit and the guitar.

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