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Only minutes after rising from bed this morning, I pulled a muscle in my back while reaching for the charging cord for my laptop computer. Was the cord that heavy? Was its position that awkward? While yes, it was stuck under a heavy item and I did have to twist a bit to get at it, I suspect the strain on my back was originally caused by the 1000 or so boxes that we lifted in and out of the dinghy over the past couple of days!

Our shopping fest has been progressing well and in fact, we have only one of two more details to tie up today. The guys at Budget Marine have been great to us and their store is a model for other Caribbean retailers to follow. Ace Hardware up the street… are you paying attention? No, I doubt you are.

The Leopard does look like a bomb went off in her though as we have just been removing everything from the cardboard packaging and depositing it in the first available spot. As such, the salon and the two berths not being used for sleeping are full of stuff! We’ll have plenty of time to deal with straightening it all up though, like during the 50+ hour passage to Grenada.

The boat looks like a bomb went off in it!


  1. Fish tape and an ice cream maker? WTH?? 😉

  2. A bit of a change from your minimalist life aboard ZTC … 😉 But then again, I suppose so is the way when you are hosting charter guests for one week at a time. Looks like fun anyway! Hope the back feels better soon.

    • Not all that different. There have been many times that ZTC has looked like that too. One Love came with very little of the essentials required to be self sustaining (tools, spares, etc.). We are working to fill those gaps. Of course, the ice cream maker doesn’t fit in that category. That’s just for fun. 😉

  3. Shopping is ALWAYS kind of fun (minus the 1000 trips in and out of dinghy!!), especially when working towards such a fantastic new adventure n’est ce pas?? Hope your back gets better soon…

  4. I don’t see any duct tape or zip ties. WTH ?
    Looks like you got the rest covered.

  5. I spy “two quart sized” containers of West System and a micro-balloon(?) filler, is there something wrong with that picture? Are there two pints hidden? Quart of resin matches pint of hardener or gallon of resin matches quart of hardener.
    Must be tough loading up from bare essentials on such short notice. Imagine how full your supplies, tools and spares will be in a year from now!

  6. Just don’t forget where you put things… LOL.. then you have to tear the boat apart to find the ONE special tool.

  7. YIKES! That is allot of gear. Now comes the task of installing all of it and making it operational. If you find yourself limited by that wrenched back, I would gladly offer my substantial military and civilian systems integration experience to help span the gap until you get better! While I don’t work for free…I can be had cheap!

  8. Holy crap! Is that your boat floor (or whatever the correct nautical term is for a floor)? That thing looks freakin’ HUGE!

  9. So, the important question…did you ever figure out where to source the rock salt for the ice cream maker? 🙂

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