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Several people have asked us about how we will go about soliciting clients for our new business. In a lot of cases, there will be several people involved in the booking of a charter. Many clients will originate from a travel agent, quite possibly one who specializes in yacht charters. They are the ones who will present the potential clients with the information on which boats are most likely to fit their needs. In between the broker and the yacht exists another party, the clearing house. They are the ones who look after the money collection and disbursement, and manage the yacht’s booking calendar.

Of course, there is always the possibility that we will generate our own traffic. We all know how powerful a tool the internet can be, this website is evidence of that. As mentioned a few days ago, I have been hard at work creating the website for our new boat. In fact, I spent almost all day yesterday working on it, netting myself a nice headache in the process due to some challenges. With the exception of proper photographs which can only be obtained after we take possession of the boat, I am happy to report that the site is almost complete. Below are a few small screen captures from the site. I’ll share the link here as soon as it has been fully completed.

In the meantime, here are a few Youtube videos which describe the Leopard 4600, the boat that Rebecca and I will soon be living on. And yes, as pretty as Colorado is, we can’t wait to get back on the water!


  1. Very pretty boat with ample space for your charter guests….Good luck…

  2. It has passed me, did somebody take the chance to do the logo or have You made the design? I like it!

  3. What do You do if some client turns out obnoxious? Ask him/her to leave and refund? What if that’s a couple (either part troublesome)? Probably will not happen often though.

    • The customer is always right. πŸ™‚

      • Here is just a paragraph from my contract….

        The use or possession of illegal drugs (including marijuana) on board FREEDOM or on possession of CHARTERER at anytime shall result in immediate notification of United States Coast Guard, immediate termination of this AGREEMENT, drop off CHARTERER & CHARTERER’S party at the nearest and safest port, and forfeiture of all money. Any additional expenses incurred to terminate charter or for the collection of additional expenses by Kewl Change Yacht Charters, LLC will be charged to CHARTERERS credit card on file.

        This is a non-smoking vessel (cigars/pipes/cigarettes) are prohibited on the YACHT or TENDER. Excessive alcohol consumption and/or behavior that the captain deems unsafe will not be tolerated and can result in the above illegal drug termination policy.

        • I like that John. Small note re: the first sentence of the second paragraph… it doesn’t really make sense. I think you mean to say that smoking is NOT permitted in the yacht/tender.

  4. Watched the videos. She’s huge! You must be thrilled, excited and eager to board her. How long time will You have to get know her ways before first clients arrive? Do You have connection with Moorings or do they just have same boats?

  5. What a wonderful transition. Congrats on your achievement. Great to read your blogs, hope you keep posting.

  6. I think you should advertise work out sessions along with the healthy food for clients who don’t know you from the blog. You could get people started with a healthy lifestyle.

    Also, the first time we chartered from the BVI from Moorings we had a skipper aboard for a day (though we owned large sailboats for years in Texas) and it turned out to be great as he taught our kids to sailboard, and showed us places off the beaten path.

    Also, you could offer excursions to St Croix or other islands for those interested.

    • Part of the process is to educate the brokers about the services that we offer. They are then better equipped to select a suitable yacht/crew for their customers.

  7. Gorgeous yacht! Seems like a great ownership program… it sounds like there’s no risk if they guarantee a monthly payment equal to your principal and interest payments!!

    I LOVE the name and logo for the business (and the cat I assume?).

    You are going to have SO MUCH fun. And Rebecca won’t know what to do with all that counter space in the galley at first!

    • Yes, that is the name of the boat. She has already been registered as One Love in the port of White Bay, BVI. Of course, we’ll still need to do the official name changing ceremony. πŸ™‚

  8. As an almost OW scuba diver, in the process of getting certified. That is an excellent boat to have a liveaboard vacation on, yet you would need to have at least a Divemaster rating to do that. Great space, the platform that goes into the water, and all those bells and whistles will make that an excellent boat. Even better are the crew!

    Also interesting is that if you google leopard 4600 you pop up! You have a niche on the keyword leopard 4600, congratulations! πŸ˜€


  9. Zero to Captain!

    There was a Leopard 47 moored at the Yamba Marina near my home for sale.

    I had serious cat envy, but it’s gone now… or it was until i saw yours! I’m green again!

  10. Hello Mike,

    There has been a question that has been on my mind a while in connection with you and Rebecca spending (potentially) quite some time on this particular boat (46 ft!). I hope you excuse the psychologically direct question.

    Once this assignment is over, have you considered what you might feel to go back to your own cat, which in comparison will be a lot less luxury and size than what you will undoubtedly get used to? The transition upwards will be wonderful, I am just thinking about the transition downwards again. Again, my apologies if I have potentially brought something up which you don’t want to think about for now.

    All the best.

    • Who said we’re going back?

      • Hey Guys, I have been following you for quite some time but have never e mailed before. I think you should register on TTOL (traveltalkonline) if you haven’t already, there are tons of people on that site that sail and charter in the BVI’s and also some good discounts for members such as a slip at Leverick Bay for the same price as a mooring ball. I know you guys normally anchor but clients may want the use of the dock and pool. You might want to become a sponsor and that way you can advertise your boat and services on their site also. Anyway, just a suggestion. Have fun on your new adventure and best of luck!

        • Hi Kathy. Thanks for the suggestion. I seldom visit forums these days and I suspect that I may have less online time in the coming months. I will check it out though.

      • That was supposed to go under your comment “who said we are going back?”

  11. Hi Mike & Rebecca!

    You probably dont remember, but I did train with you guys years ago at a seminar! Was amazed and happy for you guys to take the ZTC route! Thats awesome

    I am already planning to charter with you sometimes next year, see, I am turning (yike) 50, though I still look 40, so have been telling my wife about my friends that left everything and sail (ya you guys! hahaha_ that we would charter with you next year for that occasion…so, its just a matter of connecting the dots.

    I could go on, but thats for later. Write back and we can continue, this conversation.

    Btw, 2 things:
    1) might be me, but couldnt find an email on your site to write to you directly.
    2) The navigation for “older entries” and “newer entries”. I have read most of all your blogs from the beginning, only started a couple months ago, but each page to move forward in time, I have to press “older entries” which is not the case!



    • Hi Steph

      I will send you an email.

      There is not a direct email link on this site as it’s easier for me to respond to comments here rather than direct emails.


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