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Yesterday’s haul-out went perfectly and Katana is now safe and sound on the hard at the marina. We are out of town at the moment with a not-so-good internet connection but I thought the die-hard readers of this blog might be interested in watching the video we took of Katana’s “flight.”


  1. Glad to hear Katana’s safely ashore for the winter. There’s something very unnerving about seeing a boat in the air. And that’s just me watching! You must have been having a coronary!!! I figure that if I watch enough boats being lifted then when it’s my own boat in the air it won’t be so scary. At least, that’s the theory.

    • Thanks! The funny thing is that neither Rebecca nor I were all that stressed during the process. Just as you suggested, we have seen them move so many boats in and out of the water at that marina that we were pretty confident they would look after everything. Now, if it was at a different place, and we didn’t know the staff, I am sure it would have been an entirely different feeling!

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