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We were off the boat all day yesterday, which explains the absence of my regular blog update. It was for good reason though. Rebecca and I joined our friends Bob and Sarah to travel up island to do some hiking and exploring, a send off for their final day on the island (for this season). Our first stop of the day was Les Gorges de la Falaise.

You may recall seeing some photos of this beautiful Martinique attraction from when we visited there a year ago. It’s such a cool spot that we even tried to visit there a second time, but unfortunately, on that occasion we were driven away by flooding. Mother Nature was more substantially cooperative yesterday though, and the four of us had a great experience. It’s a bit of a trip to get to the gorges but for us, even the drive up the east coast is enjoyable.

There is a 7.00 Euro fee per person to enter the gorges. A guide will accompany you.

Hiking down to the gorges. There is a well-defined trail, with steps and a railing on the steeper sections.

You can click on the thumbnail images to view a larger copy.

The red is such a contrast to the dark green.

Most of the water is shin deep, but there are a couple of spots up to chin height!

Well-secured aluminum ladders.

There is a huge amount of water falling here!

The trickiest part of the trip: getting on to this ladder on the way back.


  1. Looks like a cool spot Mike, I’m glad you’re getting out and working on your fun:suck ratio. It looks like Rebecca is kickin’ your a$$ in the fitness department man! She’s all cut up and ready for the bodybuilding circuit.

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