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I’m going to admit it, some mornings there is a real battle going on inside my head. There are a number of things that are working quite hard to bring me down, but I consciously struggle against that, doing my best to focus on what we have going well for us. Purely for my own mental health, I wrote this short list of things that I’m grateful for this morning. If you’re feeling down – and I know for a fact that some of our close friends are – perhaps a similar exercise will help you too.

10 things I am grateful for this morning

  1. Rebecca, obviously. She continues to inspire me daily, and supports even my craziest of ideas.
  2. My blood pressure is down (albeit with medication). It was 126/81 this morning.
  3. Our outboard engine works like a champ. Starts first time, every time!
  4. I don’t have to wear shoes unless I choose to. Or underwear for that matter!
  5. We have relatively fast Wi-Fi so I can keep in touch with those I care about (and look at funny kitten videos).
  6. Curiosity.
  7. I have extremely supportive family and friends. This is priceless, especially when you’re feeling down!
  8. My knee is feeling much better.
  9. I received notice from Nick at Rogue Panda this morning, telling us that our bike bags are being made today.
  10. The sun is shining. And even if it does rain later today, I know that it will shine again. You can take that literally, or metaphorically, whichever serves you best.

Have a great(ful) day!


  1. Nice thoughts! So, you are staying….. JK, hey I’m grateful for another post from Mike Sweeney. Seriously. Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to normal life? Or is it one adventure after another now? I’ve got a few adventures cooking myself, including upcoming sailing trips and I am hanging on here ( barely) at work. It’s disrupting my home life, but nothing compared to you. Maybe complications come with not settling for a boring life?

  2. Great list, Mike.
    I think I’ll wake up in the morning and make one as well.
    Lots of stuff to be stressed out about right now, but tons more to be thankful for.
    Cheers, mate!

  3. I’m grateful for your blog and reliable
    posts… Many years worth! And I have a question. As we search for our first boat there is a PDQ 32 Altair named “magic time”. Are you familiar with it…and aa a couple with ztc experience but 101, 103 and 104 courses under our belts, is it a good choice? Thanks for any advice!!

  4. Maybe the Salt air is rusting you- You two don’t look Rusted though.. I could imagine that could happen after 8/+ years on a Boat..

    I have enjoyed your Blog– Maybe time to become a C.LO.D..

  5. Thanks Mike… We’ll take a look!

  6. Those “Rogue Panda” bags look pretty neat. I’ll bookmark that one in case I ever get around to doing some cycle tripping….
    It reminds me a bit of something my wife’s uncle designed a few years ago. He had built this modular bag system that would clip onto a bike as framebags and saddlebags, very well balanced, and then the segments would dock together to make a very comfortable 70-odd-litre hiking backpack when you ran out of road. I think he only ever made a handful of prototypes, it was going to be crazy expensive to manufacture commercially, but it was very cool.

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