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When we got around to announcing the type of boat that we were looking for, I was convinced that the biggest surprise to most people would be that we had plans to switch from a cat to a monohull. While plenty of folks switch from monohulls to cats, people just don’t go the other way, do they? Well, to tell the truth, if we had a larger, bluewater cat*, we’d happily tackle our proposed journey in it. The fact is that we don’t though, nor can we afford one. Which brings us to our present situation, looking for a suitable one-hulled vehicle to travel on.

*I know any boat could be sailed across the oceans, Seth and Jamie on Slapdash proved that when they circumnavigated on their Gemini 105.

One of our friends recently commented that we can’t go back to a monohull. I had to point out that we aren’t actually going back as we’ve never owned one! Have we sailed on monohulls? Sure, here and there. We took our first sailing lessons on monohulls, we have sailed on our friends’ boats, and I took my Captain’s license training and exams on one. In other words, we think we know what to expect. Time will tell, right?

Just for fun, here is today’s Windguru forecast for the Beagle Channel in Patagonia:


  1. I’d think that a monohull would be a smart idea, with the higher and more unpredictable winds down there. While I don’t have much time on a cat, the ability to heel and dump excess wind may be important.

  2. One hull? Two hulls? Three hulls? No matter, whatever gets the job done.

    I think it’s possible to get more boat for the buck in a monohull, so that’s no small consideration.

  3. Yup, you guys need a monohull. As you mentioned, cats are expensive (mine was $500K used). You can get a large, nice monohull for the same price as a smaller, older cat…

  4. In my wife and my very limited experience, the thing we found is the difference in fatigue levels at the end of the day…particularly close hauled. This was our mono-versus-cat thoughts after chartering one right after the other:
    Charter Day 4 – Part 2, The Return Trip and A Decision

    Of course, you guys are in such good shape, you’ll probably just find it a nice augmentation to your workout routine. Good luck on your plans and I’m glad to see you guys getting back to your own adventure.


  5. Some friends of ours recently did the Caribbean in a cat and now have it for sale. They feel the monohull will be better for their next trip to the Pacific.

  6. While I totally get the economics, having owned and sailed on both, MY experience on a mono was at the “end of the day”, it was significantly more tiring and stressful.

  7. I have to ask, why the desire to go to Patagonia? Why not Figi or New Zealand? Why not other wonderful places??

  8. Hey Mike

    Want to trade ? I am ready to make a change . You know my boat . Remember it kicked your butt
    in Kingston !!!!!

    • Kicked our butt? I don’t remember it exactly like that. 😉

      Where are you these days?

      • I am back in Ontario for the summer . We just returned for Florida after 4 months of sailing .
        Bahamas bound next season for 4 or 5 months . We leave Night Shift in Fla for the summer . As for butt kicking , think back to the north channel headed for Prinyers cove . Not a real butt kicking but a real close run .

  9. MonoHulls are beautiful! Sorry, but its just true. The Amal is especially easy on the eyes.
    Wishing you continued success. We live and we learn, don’t we?

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