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I spent a portion of the day yesterday thinking of all the things we’ve had to deal with recently due to the inappropriate actions of a certain individual:

  • We had our daughter’s first ever visit to us tainted in a very serious way.
  • We’ve had to rely upon friends so that we wouldn’t be homeless.
  • We had to box up all of our possessions and pay to have them shipped from the Virgin Islands.
  • We’ve had to live out of a small bag of carry-on clothes from the time we left the boat. This will continue until the time when our stuff arrives, still more than a week away.

In addition:

  • We still have not been paid for our last charter.
  • We have not had any terms established for the payment of the large bonus that was promised to us (we were given 10% of the boat as a bonus at the end of the last season).
  • We have lost the income that we would have made during the eight remaining charters that we had booked, charters that were booked largely because of us as crew!

Am I bitter? You’d better believe it! In spite of all this, we are trying to keep our heads up and our eyes on the ball. Huge thanks to our friends, near and far!!!


  1. Try to take a little joy in this fact. His business is finished! You have a huge following, and the crew is the only reason that boat was so successfully, especially right out of the gate. No one books like that their first season. I already unliked the page, and that was before I even knew he screwed you over. Others will as well. And look at the posts from people who booked and are upset they’re going to have a different crew.

  2. It’s too bad that things ended so badly. That’s not the way business should be conducted under any circumstances … but I’ve been there. All it means is that your were meant to do something different and even more awesome, you just needed a good strong push in that direction as everything happens for a reason.

  3. Hmmmm not sure about the “rules” down south, but in a lot of places a lean can be made against an asset (for example a double hulled asset) where said asset can be held in light of money’s or other form of compensation owed. The pain in the butt side is that it locks you down in court proceedings etc. However it ‘s also very good incentive for the person to make good on payment.

    Hopefully all works out for you, and don’t let this have power over you. Put that frustration into moving onwards and upwards. 🙂

  4. I also unliked the page. Your complaint is valid and it is good to get it off your chest as soon as possible to keep it from getting worse. It still really bothers me that they can use your intellectual property and even your pictures and resumes to sell charters! It seems like fraud. In the long run this will only hurt him, but right now he has the money he owes you and is using your name. Doesn’t seem right…

  5. i have un liked as well. You two should do a kick starter and buy a boat like that and do your own charters.

  6. I’m not on Facebook so I’ve only been following your exploits on this blog. While I don’t know what happened it must have been ugly. Both of you come across as hard working and responsible people so you should be able to find something that works. You’ve acquired some amazing skills in the last few years.

    Nothing like unexpected trouble for discovering who your real friends are.

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading about your amazing adventures in the future. Who knows, we may anchor in the same harbour someday.

  7. I would be curious to know the terms of your 10% ownership in the boat. with the right terms or lack of well defined terms you could be quite creative with your 10%.

  8. Well, Mike…I certainly don’t pretend to know what happened, but having briefly met you and your employer, I can opine that the separation your business relationship experienced seems to have been heavily one sided. Your trip reports and customer reviews reflect extreme professionalism and a unique level of customer service. Even the blog entries made before your inaugural charter reflect a high level of preparation and dedication. I truly hope you pursue satisfaction in this and receive compensation for inconveniences, personal expenses and contractual commitments…only the best to you both!

  9. It is no ones business what really happened that made you two leave “One Love”– It sure seemed you two had that running well and making $$.. I’m sure you took very good care of her too– We all know you two did a “Over The Top Job” While on charter..

    After following your Blog for so long– Maybe one day you will share what actually made you “Jump Ship”..

  10. When one door close, another open !

    Forget the bitterness and legal crap. It will only bog you down.

    Head up, full steam ahead……..

    Put me down for a week with my girlfriend on your new boat

  11. Hi Mike,

    I’m sure you’ve fleshed out your idea and my wife and I are very interested.

    Can you send us some more details? Approximate timing, any idea of the expenses, etc?

    Cheers, Ian

  12. I noticed last week before we left Nanny Cay that One Love was up on the hard. Since it is positioned behind several other boats I assumed it was not there for just a short repair.

    BTW, we arrived in Bermuda exactly six days after we left Nanny Cay. This was supposed to be the end of the trip for me with another crew member flying in to take my place for the other two legs, the Azores and Lagos, Portugal, but the experienced crew member doing the whole trip decided to leave the boat. I checked with work and am able to do the leg to the Azores!

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