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Today we’re off to climb a dormant (we hope) volcano, Mount_Liamuiga, the highest point in St. Kitts. Although we’ve done several hikes of similar difficulty, this will be the first that Rebecca and I have tackled all by ourselves. Wish us luck.

If we end up missing, someone track down Everton,
the driver we have organized to take us to the trailhead.


  1. Hi Mike and Rebecca,

    I have a question about staying in shape while cruising, and you both look great! Do you find it easy because of all the activities you are always doing? Has your weight change because of a healthier diet of fresh food? What are your thoughts?

    Thanks, Lenka

    • This was a huge concern for me when we first started cruising. I was used to working out 3-4 hours a day and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stay in shape while being away from shore. We have found that doing the activities that we do (hiking, playing volleyball, etc) help but I also like to do some resistance training workouts each morning and sometimes another workout in the afternoon if we are not busy doing anything else. Mike also likes to do these workouts although not quite as often as I do. We eat fairly healthy but nothing much different than we did before. The only difference is that we don’t have access to takeout foods and we generally stay away from fast food restaurants (Mike still likes the odd Big Mac from a McDonald’s when he finds one).

  2. Just left you guys a small donation. I found your blog this weekend and have been reading it from the beginning. Very entertaining and educational. I hope to live aboard on a cat in the caribbean someday myself. Best of luck!

    • Hi Larry

      Thanks so much for the generous donation, and for taking the time to read our blog! Reading from the beginning takes some dedication. 🙂

      Let us know if we can assist with any info as you progress towards setting sail on your own catamaran. We’d love to help.

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