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While the old Reality Cruising Adventure link that we had up was made up in jest, Rebecca and I are now seriously considering offering the type of charters that everyone has always suggested that we should. Instead of the luxury, heavy-on-the-alcohol, drive-circles-around-the-Virgin-Islands type of charters that we spent the last two years doing, who would like to have a real sailing adventure?

This is the experience that we would really like to share with selected couples:

  • one couple at a time only
  • your own private berth
  • learn to sail with us
  • help run the boat
  • hike with us
  • explore with us

In order to purchase a suitable boat (and we have a beautiful one in mind), we’d need a commitment from 8-10 couples. Instead of the 10,000-11,000 per week per couple charters that we used to run, we’d offer this private experience to people who commit for only 5,000 US per couple, plus expenses.

Countless people have told us that they’d love to do a charter exactly like this. Well, if you’re one of them, now is the time to step up. Send me a message (email: zero to cruising ATT gmail DOTT com) if you really want to come sailing with us, and help us take our dream to the next level!


  1. Shared on our page. Good luck, guys! 🙂

  2. Good morning,
    We are planning a retirement of sailing and think this kind of charter would allow us to determine if we will like the cruising experience before we invest in a larger sailboat. We have been boating for over 20 years and own a power boat and a small 22′ sailboat. We have only been sailing for about two years. Please send us some additional info on this opportunity.
    We are still among the working class, so we will probably need to make our plans months in advance 😉
    Thanks, Rob and Maria

  3. AWESOME guys- great news! Truly, if we were going to charter, you’re the folks I’d want to do it with- I wish you every success in your new venture!

  4. Mike, Just tried to send you and email and it didn’t go through. Could you send us an email?

  5. Shared your offer with my Mother who is a senior agent with Maritime Travel… She books charters very regularly.

  6. I wish you two all the best on this new business front.

  7. Mike, this is your best idea yet. I’m sure you will easily find enough couples to make this dream a reality. All the best

  8. Monohull or catamaran? I think it sounds like a fun idea and great training for going cruising, but it needs to a cat for me to come along. Good luck with this great idea – “making cruising dreams a reality” must surely be profitable.

  9. Awesome !! Just sent you and e-mail as what your now offering is exactly what my wife and I would want for a cruise. Great news. You’ll do awesome in this new adventure.

  10. Email sent. Crossing fingers.

  11. Mike, with such a great response, maybe you can get an even bigger boat! Best of luck on your new adventure. Personally, I’ve been a long time reader, and I am very excited to see your blog return to your roots: Buying a boat, outfitting a boat, maintaining a boat, and the daily sailing life adventures!

  12. Excellent idea. My wife and I are avid hikers and have been sailing for many years. I race dinghies and we both love cruising the Northwest and BC waters by kayak and sail. We are serious about moving aboard a large sailboat after the kids are off to college in a couple of years. We’d love to give this a shot when you’re up and running.

    Do it!

    • Hi Peter

      The entire point of this is really to help us get up and running. There is no guarantee we will offer this beyond the first 10 couples, and if so, not at the price I listed. Send me an email if you’d like to be one of the initial couples. I’m confident that you’ll love the experience.

  13. What is the length of stay for this? 10 days? Two weeks? A month? 🙂

  14. Great idea we’d love to hear more about timing etc but please send me an email as soon as you can , we love the idea!

  15. Is this where I put up or shut up? 🙂

    I will send off an email today!

  16. Mike & Rebecca:

    So I take a few weeks off from reading your blog and all hell breaks loose?! It has just taken me an hour to catch up! Firstly a bit of inspiration – ” Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” – Dale Carnegie.

    In the time we have come to know you both, in our meetings and fellowship in the Exumas, through the blog, and most recently catching up with you both in Grenada – we know that your best is yet to come & you are both most deserving.

    I would echo and earlier sentiment that suggests you avoid getting tied up in all sorts of legal and messy affairs. Karma being what it is, the best thing the other party can do now is make a strategic exit & clear up any monies actually owing to both you and Rebecca as a matter of human dignity and salvage their moral compass. “The evil that men do lives after them…” – William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar).

    Onward and forward – to the next brave adventure then!!!

    Alan & Christina
    Oliver, BC (fellow Canucks)

  17. Waw this is a great idea, lucky are the 8-10 couples that will commit. Wish I could.

  18. Just able to read the post will send an email latter

  19. Sounds like a good time and a great learning experience, email more info when you have time. Thanks

  20. We are interested. Could you email me timing info and location?

  21. Are you guys doing this ? Would be interested if we could get the timing down, though to be honest I’m searching for a Cat I can afford and would need to learn to sail it…but sailings sailing, right ?

    Thanks in advance

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