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After our massive party on Sunday, and the two days of events prior to that, we were determined to have a quiet day and night at home to recover. Well, we largely made it through the day without social commitments but we had forgotten that we were invited over to visit with some friends on their boat and to watch a movie. Around Cape Horn was the feature attraction, a DVD by Capt. Irving Johnson detailing his trip around Cape Horn on an old square rigger. The documentary included some amazing old film work and the narrative is at times hilarious. We definitely recommend seeking this out.

Are we going to follow in his footsteps? I seriously doubt it!

And while you’re online, check out the boat that we watched the movie on. Joana is a 70′ gaff rigged yawl owned by our friends Maria and Cathy. Although not quite the huge square rigger documented in the video, it is still one serious sailing vessel!


  1. That is SUCH a great movie! Really incredible to have footage like that out in the world 🙂

  2. Hello Rebecca and Mike…oops…Tarzan and Jane!

    Looks like you just may HAVE to leave! Quite the party! Glad you are maintaining and spreading the joy! Guessing you are headed back Georgetown way? We just made it back from a 3000 mile sea cruise to New York and back (check out our blog!) s/
    Regrouping in Coconut Grove, Miami for a few weeks. Yes, we broke out the Champagne!!Next to Bimini, (Xmas in Costa Rica) and should be in Georgetown mid January or so. See you there!? (Party to ensue.)

    Maureen and Wade 🙂

    • Wow! That’s quite the trip! We will unfortunately not be quite so adventurous this season and will likely not be heading any further north that sSt. Martin. Of course, you two could always “drift” down this way!!!

      PS: Great pics on your blog!

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