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In my post about cruising expenditures, initially disguised as a post about water consumption, I stated my belief that the number one factor governing money output for a cruiser is personality. I wrote:

“What it’s going to cost you to cruise will only be determined by you, when you get out there. I’m convinced it’s very much a personality/lifestyle thing.”

Based upon our limited expenditures over the past few months, I am now even more assured that this is true. So, for those on a budget, I’ll share the following tip to help you limit your consumption of cash:

  • —> Get some frugal friends!

We have had the huge pleasure of meeting countless cool people in our travels, many of whom we immensely enjoyed spending time with. An important realization for us though is that we tend to spend a lot more money when we’re around certain people than we do when we hang out with others. As I said, spending is a personality/lifestyle thing, and some people are just more used to laying out cash than others, either by staying in marinas, eating at restaurants, drinking at bars or what have you. Others, either by nature or necessity, find their fun in other ways. A perfect example of this kind of cruiser is our friend George on Earthling. He is a literal “poster boy” for frugal cruisers and we’ve learned a lot of positive things from him in this regard. And in case you haven’t noticed, we have a pretty good time hanging out with both him and his friends, without spending a whole pile of money!

If, when you’re out cruising, you find that cash is flowing out of your wallet at a faster rate than you’re happy with, give some thought as to who you’re spending time with. If your friends are more free with their spending than you’re comfortable with, perhaps you could try to influence them to try less costly forms of entertainment. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that you may just need to find some new boat buddies.

Tonight the big party takes place in Anse La Raye, Fish Friday. I bet we’ll be able to have quite a bit of fun here without spending a lot of cash.