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You might think that after spending a full week in the boatyard doing nothing but cleaning, prep. work, maintenance and repairs, we would want nothing more to do with boat chores. On the contrary, I was quite happy to help our friend Kirk yesterday and when he set about servicing his tender’s outboard engine. Together we changed the lower unit oil, put in a new impeller and swapped the carb for a brand new spare that he had. The whole procedure went off without a hitch and I was happy to be able to contribute to the process in some small way. Kirk has certainly helped us enough over the years so he was due for some reciprocation!

After the work was done, we enjoyed the remainder of the day, swapping stories and jamming on the guitars and ukelele. Rebecca and I also visited the Moorings office here and requested permission to get on board one of the Leopard 4600 charter cats that they have berthed here at Port Louis Marina. We were eager to take some measurements to confirm that we were on track with our upgrade plans. The new boat acquisition is ticking along as it should. In exactly one month’s time, if everything goes according to plan, we should be sailing the new Leopard out of Roadtown Harbor. Everyone cross your fingers and send us good vibes please!


  1. Is the boat you will be working on coming out of a moorings charter ? That is a suggestion we have been given for shopping a catamaran. I’ve heard of several people getting really great prices on boats that were former moorings boats.

    • Yes. I plan to write more about this subject after it finishes the Phase Out process and we take possession of the boat.

    • I hear having a good broker working as your buyers broker is the way to go… Especially one who used to work for The Moorings/Sunsail… All joking aside, I’m the broker who has been helping Mike and Rebecca’s client buy the boat, and if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them. Mike and Rebecca can give you my contact details if you’d like…

      Kind regards,
      Wiley Sharp
      Denison Yacht Sales

      • Having a good broker is crucial! If anyone want’s Wiley’s contact info, send me a message and I’ll hook you up. He truly has gone above and beyond!

  2. Sending good


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