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At 4:00 PM yesterday the French-organized Bastille Day Hash was scheduled to begin. At 3:00 PM the heavens opened up with what was perhaps this season’s strongest and longest lasting rain squall. It was raining so hard that even with our friend’s car’s wiper blades on full speed, it was difficult to see where we were going as we made our way to the starting point. There is no doubt that the rain kept some people away but in spite of that, 275 people still showed up to take part in what would turn out to be an awesome event. Fortunately the rain abated shortly before the Hash was to begin, it serving only to muddy up the trail a bit and cool the air. The latter was welcomed by all as the runner’s trail especially was long (over 5 miles).

Like all themed hashes, this one was extra fun with many participants dressing up in their best French-inspired costumes. As everyone knows, Rebecca and I are not at all competitive (cough – cough – BS) but we did do our best to play along. Rebecca spent several hours on the sewing machine yesterday, creating a nice beret for me and a French Maid costume for herself. Did it pay off? Absolutely. Not only did we have fun dressing up but we also won the contest, receiving a $60.00 restaurant gift certificate for our efforts. Formidable!


  1. Looks like fun! Great costumes. We were in a Bastille Day regatta yesterday and I thought about bringing a loaf of french bread. I didn’t have a Rebecca to make me one either.

    Awesome you won and got money for dinner!!

  2. Nothing would make me more happy than to win one of those hash runs you guys do. And do it in style in french attire. Now with regards to the bread ? I hope we can retrace your steps on one of these . Who am I kidding . I hope we can get through one of these .

    • Hey Brian

      It’s not all a race, even for the competitive runners. It’s all just for fun. Exercise and getting back to the party quickly is the only reason to run fast! 🙂

      So, with that said, YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. Omg – HYSTERICAL! You guys look awesome. The beret is priceless, the french maid costume perfect and the baguette? VERY nice touch.

  4. I’m impressed that Rebecca kept the fishnet tights on and that you carried the baguette the whole Hash!

  5. You guys are awesome! Tres bonne, vous deux!

  6. C’est bon!

    And I am most impressed with the fact that Rebecca did the run in FISH NET STOCKINGS!!! Way to go Rebecca. You are a heroine in my eyes!

  7. Looks like a blast … cute outfits! Congrats on the win … I’m not surprised!

  8. FELICITATIONS on the win and GREAT costumes !!

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