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Although the typical end-of-the-work-week celebrations that go in bars throughout the world don’t carry exactly the same significance for cruisers, it’s still pretty common for friends to gather in various watering holes around the island on Friday afternoons. Yesterday we ended up with our traveling buddies Kirk and Donna at the nearby Whisper Cove Marina, which is owned by a couple of French Canadian expats, Gilles and Marie. While I started out drinking beer, it dawned on me that if there was anywhere on the island that might know what a Bloody Ceasar is, one of our favorite drinks from back home but also one that can’t be found south of Canada, it’s these guys. Guess what? They did not disappoint. Buoyed by that success, we took a shot at another French Canadian staple, Poutine, and again they came through, with flying colors I might add! Good thing we’re not on a diet.

And speaking of the French, today being Bastille Day, the regular Saturday Hash is being hosted by the FSBs (French Speaking B_______, it’s a term of endearment) at Cabier Ocean Lodge. I hear that instead of Oil Down to eat after the Hash they’ll be serving crepes. How can you beat that?


  1. We were cruising in Bay of Quinte for the last week or so and I was exposed to “Poutine”.

    Wow ! What a GREAT treat. Not too much though, it’s a heart breaker.


  2. It is great to find a touch of home so far away. Makes you wonder though why Clamato and Ceasar’s never took off outside of Canada. Did they have white or malt vinegar to sprinkle?

    I remember my first trip to St Martin in the 90’s when we came across “Everyting Cool” on the beach in Phillipsburg…. Labatts and Molsen beers plus ice cream served up by a Scarborough couple.

    Ironically some of the best poutine we have found in Toronto is at our local Costco.

  3. vinegar for the fries of course….not the ceasar.

  4. Oui, viva la France!

  5. That’s real deal Poutine all right. My local restaurant here in NH serves it, but we within spitting distance of Quebec.

    Da Bess!

  6. Quoi, no Ceasar’s available south of Canada ?? We may just have to reconsider our travel plans, LOL. However, that poutine la, bien la la, that looks like it might just be the real thing (only if the cheese goes SCROUNCH SCROUNCH !!) though… You guys look like you enjoyed, as always !!

  7. Boy! That Geddy Lee sure can sing eh?

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