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I read recently how someone felt that circumnavigating the globe had been done so many times it was hardly even worth getting worked up about anymore. When you consider that back in 1968, without GPS, chart plotters and roller-furling head sails, they were even then looking for bigger and more exciting challenges. Several years prior the first single-handed circumnavigation had been completed. It was because of this that the idea of a non-stop, single-handed race around the world was conceived. This is the story told in the 2006 documentary Deep Water, which Rebecca and I watched for the second time last night.

I won’t give away the plot but I will say that movies like this certainly go to show what is possible. Check it out!



  1. Hi Guys,

    Love the site and read it often! I love hearing about solo treks… so extreme!

    I remember seeing coverage of the Antarctic Cup, where participants race solo around Antarctica. The tighter the course, the nastier the weather. Some even start off from the UK!

    Fedor Konuykhov passing Cape of Good Hope.



    A link to Fedor Konuykhov passing the Cape of Good Hope.

  3. Ha! Looks like the same race as your documentary… Crazy drama!

    I remember the story of two boats heading into terrible weather base the Cape of Good Hope. The boat behind ran into some trouble and called for help, but it was going to take too long for a mainland rescue. The solo boat ahead gave up the race to turn around to make the rescue himself in rough seas. He later picked up where he left off and completed the trek.

    I assume you will be looking for a lower intensity experience!


    • Yes, a little less drama would be nice, at least at the start. Given that we want to go sailing to escape the cold weather I don’t think going around the Cape of Good Hope will be on our itinerary 🙂

  4. There is a great read about this same journey…….”Journey For Madmen”
    BTW: I purchase my Lagoon 440 from Staley. He’s awesome. Really enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing and hope to cross paths out there some day.

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