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I can’t recall the last time that Rebecca and I have taken a day to simply go exploring, it’s been so long. With settled weather and no specific tasks lined up for the day, we decided to do something about that, raising anchor and moving One Love to a new-to-us island.

Contrary to what many people will have you believe, there are still places in the Virgin Islands where you can find privacy. We had this idyllic spot all to ourselves. If the swell hadn’t started rolling in to make the anchorage a bit uncomfortable, we would have even spent the night there.

I had a little guessing game on Facebook to see who could determine where this spot is. If you were a part of that or have inside information, please refrain from commenting. As for the rest of you, what is the name of this island? Click on the image above to open a larger version of it in a new window. That may help with the guessing.