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This past Saturday Rebecca and I travelled to Toronto where Anthony Motley and his wife Jackie gave us a very thorough tour of their PDQ 32 Katana. The boat was still on the hard, sans mast, and had just received a new coat of antifouling paint. Our initial impression? Even for a relatively small cat this boat is plenty big! In fact, once onboard we couldn’t believe all of the storage space.

Anthony took time to show us the entire boat, opening every hatch and cupboard, explaining the basics of all electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Just as we had expected from our research on PDQs this appears to be a very solid and well-built vessel, and yes, now we are drooling!

Rebecca at the stern. Note that the boat is sitting on her own keels.

Given that we had already told Anthony that we would be unable to purchase his boat due to timing issues we were extremely grateful for the time that he spent with us. He explained that when he and Jackie were shopping for a boat they were simply unable to get aboard any cats as none were available in their area. Because of this he could understand what we were going through and just wanted to help. Even more, Anthony invited us back to come for a sail with them once Katana is back in the water! Thank you so much guys. We are very grateful!

Rebecca at the helm. She looks like she belongs there!

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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for the e-mail, thoroughly enjoyed having you aboard, Katana is now washed, waxed and polished and ready for launch.

    Good pics, when we get back from our delivery trip, we will get in touch and get you down for a sail.
    Best for now and if you find a few spare $$$’s send them our way as we have 3 yrs before slipping the lines and taking off.
    Best Jackie & Anthony

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